Anatoly: the meaning of the name, origin, compatibility, nature and fate

It is believed that the name affects the fate and character of a person. Even its very sound leaves an indelible imprint on its carrier. That is why new parents seek to learn as much as possible about the name chosen for their baby. Consider the name Anatoly, the origin and significance of which will certainly interest its owners.

Anatoly meaning of the name

Historical facts

The appearance of the name Anatoly contributed to the ancient Greeks. Previously, the man who was called "Anatola" was an ordinary traveler, a wanderer. The Greeks, in turn, so began to call arrivals from Anatolia (peninsula of Asia Minor). Translated the word "anatolix" means "eastern, sunny." The value of the name Anatoly left an imprint on the future of the owner. Fate favors him, luck and happiness always go alongside this person.In Russia, the name appeared at the end of the 18th century and was predominantly monastic. Thanks to the Orthodox saint Anatolia of Nicene (who became the patron saint of all Toliks), the name of the monastic cells entered the secular life. The name was most popular in the post-revolutionary period.

the meaning of the name anatoly for a child

The meaning of the name Anatoly for the child

In childhood, Tolik is strongly influenced by his mother, so he is closed, trusting, shy. However, the boy mentally wants to be like a superman, so he excitedly reads adventure novels and fantasy, imagining himself in the place of the main characters. Having grown up a bit, Tolik will cease to be a "mama's son", but he will remain a romantic for life. The significance of the name Anatoly for the boy is favorable because the baby grows balanced, inquisitive, and has excellent health. In childhood, this is not a very active child. He would prefer small friendly companies to big noisy boys. Therefore, parents can not worry that he will fall into any alteration.


Anatoly, the meaning of whose name suggests a rich inner world, is a great student.There is hardly any object that he can not afford. The boy is very easy to learn any new information, so the difficulties he does not arise. In his youth, he also attaches great importance to learning, giving most of his free time to self-development. After finishing school, the young man seeks to continue his studies in order to get an excellent education. The mercantile spirit is inherent in the bit, so he chooses his future profession with a calculated hand. The specialty chosen by him should be claimed and adequately paid. Anatoly, the meaning of whose name determines his character, will never agree to a low-paying or non-prestigious position. His priorities are practicality and a clearly marked course in life.

meaning of the name anatoly

Anatoly: the meaning of the name, character

As he grows up, a strong-willed, stubborn man grows up from a gentle, calm boy. He does not have an explosive temper, preferring to quietly bend his line, so that, as a rule, he is the winner. Harsh, quick attacks are not for him. To his goal Tolik prefers to go slowly but surely. The meaning of the name Anatoly suggests that its carrier will have only positive character traits. However, Tolikam inherent and negative qualities. These include touchiness.Anatoly very hard forgives insults and does not always adequately relate to criticism. In some cases, a young man overestimates his abilities, besides he is not alien to self-interest and bragging. Another bad side of Anatolia is his addiction to alcohol, so it is better for him to stay away from the glasses. In a drunken state, a young man does not control himself at all, becomes rude, can provoke a fight or a major quarrel.

Anatoly, the meaning of which name implies more positive features, is a deeply moral person. He likes to give instructions, to moralize. He himself will never go to the meanness, duplicity is also not for him. In any situation, even unprofitable, the young man will try to preserve honor and dignity.

name anatoly origin and meaning


Anatoly, whose name has a sacral meaning, will choose his profession, guided by practicality and common sense. Most often men with this name can be found in medicine, construction, law. However, the energy of Anatolia is favorable for business. The place of work that interests him, the young man will find himself, without the help of anyone from outside.Anatoly is not one of those people who will use connections, he only achieves everything with work and incredible efforts, believing that his efforts will be appreciated. In principle, this should be expected, but closer to old years. Anatoly is always striving to improve his financial situation. He is unlikely to live on one paycheck. Having come to medicine, he will without shame of conscience take cash presents from grateful patients, working as a builder will provide all with building materials.

Sex and love

Anatoly joins the intimate side of life at a rather early age, however, due to moral and religious considerations, he is trying to suppress sexual desire. Tolik is not deprived of the attention of the opposite sex, but he prefers women older than themselves, with his contemporaries uninteresting to him. The first sexual experience, as a rule, gets with an experienced woman. Due to this, in the future, becomes a great lover, able to deliver an unforgettable experience partner. Anatoly easily gains the confidence of a woman. In his fiancee appreciates sexual opportunities and a beautiful figure. Preference gives blondes.The passion for women in Anatolia "fades away" only at a deeply respectable age.

meaning of the name anatoly for a boy

A family

Anatoly marries, as a rule, after 25 years, when he is already capable of supporting his own family. A young man marries solely for love, but the personal qualities of the chosen one are also important for him. Prefers a clean woman who knows how to cook well. Since Anatoly has a choleric temperament, he will also look at beautiful women in marriage. However, betrayal is unlikely to come, because the young man is too passionate about work. The duties of the husband is treated with great responsibility. Anatoly will make every effort to ensure peace and prosperity in the family. However, despite this, there is often an atmosphere of misunderstanding in family life. Anatoly's wife seeks to be a leader in the family, which is unacceptable for him. Do not develop relationships with children. Anatoly expects respect and complete submission from them. Living in a tense atmosphere, children become self-willed and rarely listen to their father’s opinion. For Anatoly, sex is of paramount importance in relationships, therefore, having lost interest in the chosen one, he can still decide to commit adultery. As a rule, it happens closer to 50 years and leads to a divorce.

Anatoly meaning of character

Name and patronymic compatibility

The value of the name Anatoly Alexandrovich, Artemovich, Grigorievich, Borisovich, Maksimovich, Fedorovich, Pavlovich, Andreevich, Eduardovich. As a rule, it is a sensitive, good-natured person who can be injured even with an carelessly thrown word. The man is quick-tempered, but quicker. More than any other Anatoliyev is prone to alcoholism. He does not know how to drink at all, completely drunk completely loses control over himself. Marrying may unexpectedly early, but the first marriage will quickly end in divorce. The second time a young man will create a family after a sufficiently long period of time. By the choice of the chosen one will approach very scrupulous, so as not to step on the same rake again. In the second marriage, Anatoly will do his best to save his family and not be left alone.

What is the meaning of the name Anatoly Ivanovich, Valentinovich, Viktorovich, Alekseevich, Mikhailovich, Sergeevich, Petrovich, Vitalevich, Yuryevich? This person is very talented in the field of literature and art. In his youth, he writes poetry, but in adulthood prefers prose. It is likely that he has a desire to keep a diary in order to write in his old age memories of his life. In family life is soft, compliant.It is unlikely to quarrel over trifles, giving way to his wife, so that she would solve all the pressing problems. She is practically not interested in household affairs, completely giving herself to art. Treason for him is a common thing. He is incredibly in love and will not miss a single skirt, but the family is sacred for him, so the case is unlikely to reach a divorce.

How to understand the meaning of the name Anatoly Anatolyevich, Vladlenovich, Nikolayevich, Feliksovich, Veniaminovich, Stepanovich, Rostislavovich? This man values ​​freedom above all else, does not accept any restrictions. The worst thing for him is to depend on someone. She loves adventures, radiates optimism and cheerfulness. In love, decent, gives himself all the family. The only drawback is an increased sense of jealousy. The young man does not even think that his wife may be unfaithful to him, although he himself can easily get carried away by another woman. However, his own adventures are not considered a betrayal, because he always returns to the family. A man is a wonderful owner, with him a woman will be like behind a stone wall, but a little stingy. Family budget, as a rule, manages itself, carefully controlling all expenses of the spouse.The young man is very calculating. Even he chooses friends based on their position in society. Marriage also enters by calculation. If the wife does not meet his expectations, divorce without regret.

meaning of the name Anatoly A.

Name Forms

The full name is usually used only in a formal setting. The houses of Anatolia are called short names: Tolik, Tosh, Tolyan. In childhood, little Anatoly is called Tolya, Tolya, Tolechka.

Compatibility in love

The most lasting union of Anatolia will be with: Clara, Galina, Lyudmila, Tamila, Renata, Elizabeth, Larisa, Christina, Camila, Sofia, Nina.

Unfriendly marriage with: Elsa, Lina, Elena, Taisiya.

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