Analytical note - compilation rules and an example

While working in production or in any organization, one has to deal with the writing of various papers and documents. One of the common documents is an analytical note. In general, the drafting of this document should not cause any serious problems, but you should know all the rules. In this article it will be possible to get acquainted with an example of writing an analytical note, to find out why it is compiled and in what cases.

What is the document for?

This document, as a rule, is prepared when an analysis of the situation is necessary. Usually analytical notes consider problem or crisis situations that may entail negative consequences for the whole enterprise or for its individual structural divisions.

analytic note

It happens that an inexperienced person can confuse this document with an analytical report.Therefore, it is worth remembering that the analytical note not only considers the current situation and its causes, but also describes specific options for the development and solution of the problem.

You can highlight the following objectives of the document:

  • bringing to management the fact of an existing or emerging problem;
  • prevent a recurrence of the situation in the future;
  • improving labor productivity;
  • strengthening control over any areas in the enterprise or organization.

A well-written document can serve as an important signal for management and will help determine the future course of events. In some cases, such a document can be used for various events within the enterprise itself, such as meetings, meetings, or meetings. And also in the case of serious problem situations, an analytical note can be attached as evidence to court proceedings as an evidence-based argument.

analytical note example

Who can make a document

In large enterprises, the preparation of analytical notes is carried out by a specialized structural unit, such as the department of analytics.However, such a document can be drafted by any employee who is adequately aware of the issue in question and who, in turn, has the experience and personal professional view on resolving or preventing the problem.

Any head of a structural or separate division of an organization has the right to delegate the writing of an analytical note to his deputy, secretary, or other subordinate. But in this case there is one very important nuance. Since the signature authority remains with the manager, he will be personally responsible for the content of the document. Therefore, it is extremely important to deduct the document before signing it and to ensure that the facts, conclusions and proposals are correct.

Drafting Rules

In especially large organizations one can come across a specially designed form for this document, but, as a rule, this happens extremely rarely. In general, this document does not provide for the consolidation of a unified sample for it; therefore, it is drafted in an arbitrary form with the observance of the basic rules of clerical work.

company brief

As with any document, a research brief must have the following information at the beginning:

  • registration number;
  • date;
  • the addressee (position, surname and initials), who is the head of a department or the head of the enterprise;
  • position, surname and initials of the document originator.

Further, the document has a descriptive or, as it is also called, stated part, in which there should be such attributes:

  • the essence of the question or problem;
  • causes;
  • effects;
  • recommendations for eliminating or preventing the problem;
  • conclusions;
  • signature of the originator.

In the text of the analytical note should be as little as possible terminology, but if the use of specially used values ​​is unavoidable, then they should be supplemented with footnotes and explanations. If any evidence in the form of photographs, reports, letters or contracts is attached to the note, special notes are made in the text, for example, a contract for the rental of office premises (Appendix No. 1).

analytical note example

It is important to remember that all arguments must have a reasoned foundation. An analysis of the situation, recommendations and conclusions should be objective, but the subjective views should be abandoned, considering the problem only in the framework of achieving well-being for the enterprise.

Registration and registration

The document must be drawn up in duplicate, one of which remains in the structural unit, and the second is provided to the head. The analytical note can be compiled using a personal computer and other printed media, and it can also be written by hand. The amount of text is not limited.

This type of document is not subject to mandatory registration, however, in order to establish control over the course of movement and the development of circumstances, it is best to register and assign a registration number.

After all the basic rules for drafting have been presented, it is necessary to consider an example of an analytical note.


Director General of OJSC Trans-Port

Lebedev OI

from the head of the engine assembly department of Trans-Port OJSC

Kurochkina I.I.

The analytical note dated March 25, 2018 No. 1/2018.

As a result of the weekly inspection of the equipment of the engine assembly shop, an ASC machine was detected (automated combine harvester No. 3). This failure is associated with a large productive load on the ACS and the expired operational period.To repair this machine is impractical.

Today, the shop needs to buy a new car to effectively carry out the tasks stipulated by the provision on the engine assembly shop. In the absence of an ASC machine, the workshop will not be able to perform its duties, which will lead to a complete stop of the assembly process.

Kurochkin I.I. /Signature/

In this example of the analytical note, there are all the necessary attributes, and the flow of presentation of the problem corresponds to the correct structure of the construction of this document.

writing an analytical note


To make the right document is always a routine and very responsible work. But having familiarized with the example of writing an analytical note, you can proceed to the drafting of your own document. However, the main thing is to remember all the above rules.

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