American director Soderberg Stephen: biography, filmography

Soderberberg Stephen - a famous American film director, producer and screenwriter. He went down in history as the youngest director who won the prestigious award of the Cannes festival "Golden Palm".

How did he start his work in the movie Soderberg Stephen? How successful was his career? What films have brought worldwide fame to the director? We will discuss this and many other things further in the article.

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Childhood and adolescence

The future director Stephen Soderberg was born on January 14, 1963 in Atlanta, Georgia. His father, Peter, and his mother, Mary, worked at that time at a local university. The ancestors of Stephen's parents emigrated to the States from Sweden.

When Soderberberg Stephen has not yet reached adolescence, the family moved to permanent residence in the city of Charlottesville, which is located in the state of Virginia. Here is the whole childhood of a guy.

A few years later, the family decided on a new move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Here, the head of the family Peter holds the position of dean at the university. The boy's mother, Mary, is involved in the filming of a multi-part project on local television. Stephen himself is seriously keen on stage skills, following the world of the Hollywood film industry. The young talent borrows a video camera from his comrades, with which it shoots its first short films.

Upon reaching the age of majority, Soderberg Stephen enters the University of Louisiana. Here he attends animators' courses, and also removes early full-length works. However, the future filmmaker was not destined to receive a higher education. Very soon, he leaves the training and goes to Hollywood in search of his own vocation.

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Career start

Once in Los Angeles, at first, Stephen Soderbergh barely makes ends meet. After a whole series of minor successes and even more disappointments, the guy finally gets a position as a freelance director, signing a contract with one of the developing film studios.

Soderberg gets his first serious experience in 1985.At this time, the young director is working to create a concert DVD for the popular rock band Yes. Subsequently, the video version of the performance falls into the rotation of music channels and is nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award.

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Debut film work

In 1989, the first full-length film by Stephen Soderbergh was released on wide screens. The debut work for him is a tape called “Sex, Lies and Video”, the plot of which tells about the difficult relationship between a woman and a man that despaired of life and lost faith in a bright future. It is noteworthy that it takes a little more than a week to create a script for a picture of Soderberg.

Dramatic tape with actors James Spader and Andy McDowell almost immediately acquires the status of a cult. The director himself, according to critics, makes a significant contribution to the development of independent budget cinema. The film enjoys extraordinary success with the audience, enters the rotation of the Cannes Film Festival and is awarded the Golden Palm.

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Career development

In 1991, Stephen Soderberg begins work on creating his second full-length film called Kafka, which makes him an even more recognizable director.The motion picture film tells the tangled life story of the illustrious playwright, in some moments it tells of fictional and even mystical events that allegedly happened to Franz Kafka.

In 1998, the already well-known director Soderberg invites such stars of Hollywood cinema as Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney to his new film “Out of sight”. The picture does not cause almost any noise, as it was with the previous works of Stephen, but enjoys the interest of the audience.

A year goes by, and the director releases a new film that is being released as “Erin Brockovich”. In the image of the main character appears here the famous Julia Roberts. After the release of the film on wide screens, the actress is awarded the Oscar.

The year 2000 is also successful for Soderberga. At this time, the psychological thriller “Traffic” comes out on the screens, which gives a fresh look at the problem of drug trafficking in the United States, makes you think once more about the consequences of taking psychotropic substances. The project causes the most enthusiastic reviews of critics and creates a real resonance in American society.Subsequently, the picture is honored with major awards of Hollywood Film Academy, including nominated for Oscars and Golden Globes.

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Steven Soderberg: filmography

Throughout his career, the director managed to work on creating about 50 motion pictures. Probably, it makes no sense to highlight Soderberg's films, which have not had great success. We mention only those tapes that brought the director fame and universal recognition:

  • Sex, Lies and Videos (1989);
  • Kafka (1991);
  • Fallen Angels (1993);
  • "The Back" (1995);
  • Schizopolis (1996);
  • “Out of sight” (1998);
  • Pleasantville (1998);
  • Erin Brockovich (2000);
  • Traffic (2000);
  • Ocean's Eleven (2001);
  • Solaris (2002);
  • Insomnia (2002);
  • "Fun" (2004);
  • Ocean's Twelve (2004);
  • Jacket (2004);
  • “Good German” (2006);
  • “Clouding” (2006);
  • Ocean's Thirteen (2007);
  • Informer (2009);
  • “Side Effect” (2013);
  • "True Snowden" (2014).

Sovenberg's Stevens

In 2005, a reputable director signed a contract with the popular American channel HBO. The debut work in the new field for him are shooting the series "Unprepared." The film about the difficult fate of young people who are trying to connect their lives with Hollywood.George Clooney, already well-known to Soderberg, is taking part in the project, who takes on the preparation of scenarios and manages the filming of several episodes of the series.

What other series are the works of Stephen Soderberga? “Call Girl” is another multi-part story from a famous director. Filming starts in 2009. The film tells about the double life of a young girl who at night is engaged in providing an escort for wealthy men. As always, the director turns a beautiful, touching picture. The film makes you think about what people are ready to go for the sake of money, as well as reflect on the double standards that apply in the United States to various aspects of life.

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