American actor Chris Klein

Chris Klein is an American television and film actor who is best known to the general public as a performer of the role of Chris "Oz" Ostraiker in the piquant comedy franchise "American Pie". The full name of the actor that his parents gave him at birth is Frédéric Christopher Klein.

Brief biographical facts

Chris Klein was born in the first spring month of 1979 in the average American family of an engineer and kindergarten teacher living at the time in Hinsdale, Illinois. Chris was the smallest child among the three children, brought up by the couple Klein. The first stage experience the young man received at a young age, participating in a theatrical production of one of the theaters of Chicago. After moving to a large family in Omaha, the largest city in the state of Nebraska, the teenager did not forget his passion and, while studying at school, regularly participated in the productions of the school theater. At the same time, Klein managed to successfully combine not only performing arts with his studies, the boy was successfully engaged in swimming, was one of the leading players in the school football team.kris klein

The beginning of a creative way

The actor's fate of a young man was destined to be determined during his student years. Chris Klein, films with the participation of which are known to every movie fan, after graduating from school continued his education at Texas Christian University. During this period, an outstanding director and screenwriter, twice Oscar-winning Alexander Payne, came to the educational institution and chose a suitable site for filming his next project. Among university students, the university was casting to participate in the movie “Upstart”, and the director was delighted with the video recording of Chris’s samples. The dramatic comedy was a success with critics (IMDb: 7.30) and more than paid off at the box office. Participation in the project Payne was for the debutant a great start to a creative acting career.chris klein movies

Hollywood pies

In the "American Pie" Chris Klein got after a triumphal film debut. This comedy, which actively discusses the topic of sex, gained immense popularity around the world, losing at the box office only to the “Blair Witch”, having surpassed its modest budget of $ 11 million tenfold. The Paul and Chris Weitz project fit into sometimes outrageous non-political correctness.Nevertheless, in the wake of the popularity of rolling out a lot of sequels of the picture, including "American Pie 2", the third part under the heading "Wedding" and the fourth "Everything in the collection." Chris Klein, who played one of the main characters, Oz Ostrayker, became a member of each episode.american pie kris klein

Did not become hostage to one role

After the actor became famous for his participation in the first part of the American Pieces film series, he was invited several times to play the role of such characters in comedy films. For example, in 2001, the comedy “Say It Wrong” came out, Chris Klein played the main role in the project. His hero Gilbert constantly finds himself in various comic situations. In spite of the fact that critics spoke positively about the acting skills of the performer, the film failed at the box office and received an IMDb rating: 4.90.

In addition to comedy films, the actor was involved in quite serious projects, among which the war drama Randall Wallace “We were Soldiers” (IMDb: 7.20) stands out. Chris played one of the main roles, Mel Gibson and Sam Elliott became his screen companions.Successfully pass the casting performer helped acting skills and excellent physical form.

In the subsequent period, Chris Klein starred in the romantic comedies “Just Friends” and “The American Dream”, an action game based on the Streetfighter series of computer games. In 2012, the actor tried on the image of a special agent under the code name H.U.N.K. in the fifth part of a series of films "Resident Evil."

Also, the actor is often filmed in television series, the most significant projects in his filmography are the television films "Crusher", "Motive", "Tron: Uprising".say it is not so kris klein

Personal life

2016 for fans of the actor became a landmark, their 36-year-old idol left a bachelor life in the past and combined the bonds of Hymen with his girlfriend Liana Rose Tifo. The chosen one is far from the film industry, she successfully realized herself in the field of tourist business. The couple met for four years, finally legalized their relationship. The wedding ceremony took place on a ranch in Montana, more than 100 guests were invited. Currently Liana gave Klein the long-awaited heir.

Before that, Chris met with actress Katie Holmes, they even arranged an engagement, but they unexpectedly broke up.According to rumors, the cause of the gap were the problems of Klein with alcohol. The actor was repeatedly fined for driving under the influence of alcohol, after which he underwent a course of treatment. However, there is another version of the tiff, in which the cause is Tom Cruise and the subsequent marriage of Holmes. As you know, the marriage of Cruise and Katie was not durable.

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