Amazingly delicious omelet in the oven

Egg cooking options

We are all used to the fact that scrambled eggs are an excellent option for a quick breakfast or a light dinner. Cooking such a dish is easy. It requires the most simple products and quite a bit of time. Usually omelette fry in a pan for 10-15 minutes under the lid closed. It turns out pretty tasty, but there is one unpleasant moment. In the process of frying, the mixture in the pan gradually rises, and at the very end drains sharply. It does not spoil the taste of the dish, but the appearance is not at all the same. However, there is a way that allows you to change everything. You just need to transfer the cooking process from the stove to the oven. It maintains equally high temperatures on all sides, and the product does not settle even after cooling.

Roasting in the oven

Omelette in the ovenTo make an omelet in the oven, you will need the following set of products: 4 eggs, a pinch of salt, 200 grams of milk and a piece of butter (to lubricate the form).

Cooking an omelet in the oven should be as follows:

  1. In a deep bowl, smash all the eggs one by one, add salt and beat well. But do not zealous and turn the mixture into a thick foam.
  2. Pour in the milk and shake the mass thoroughly.
  3. Grease the container for baking with butter.
  4. Pour the egg mixture into the form and send it to the oven, preheated to 200 degrees.
  5. The baking process will take no more than 30 minutes. Willingness can be determined by a crust on the surface of an omelet. At this stage, one very important rule must be observed: in no case should you open the cabinet door while the omelette is being prepared. This can lead to the fact that the mixture will instantly fall off due to the temperature difference.
  6. Do not leave the finished omelet in the oven. It could hurt him.
  7. Now you need to grease the product with butter on top and gently shift it onto the dish. To do this, you need to remove the hot form from the oven, cover it with a wide plate and turn it sharply. Cooked in this way, the omelet in the oven is lush and very tender. It can be served immediately or allowed to cool slightly.

To the dish was airy

lush omelet in the ovenA lush omelet is obtained only if you clearly adhere to a certain ratio of ingredients (for 4 eggs - 200 ml of milk, and for 6 eggs - 300 ml).It is also necessary to take into account the fact that in the process of baking the mixture rises very much at first, and then drops a little. Therefore, the baking dish is better to take a small diameter, but with high edges. Some housewives believe that the additional components may violate the consistency of the finished product. Do not listen to this opinion. You can bake a great lush omelette in the oven with the addition of meat products and greens, as well as sour cream instead of milk. From the products required: 4 raw eggs, 3 tablespoons of sour cream, salt, 3 sausages, fresh herbs and spices.

Preparing a dish like this:

  1. Eggs break alternately in a clean bowl. Add sour cream, spices and salt, and then beat together until a light foaming appears on the surface.
  2. Sausages first boil, and then cut into slices (or small cubes).
  3. Add minced meat products to the egg mixture.
  4. Mass put in a pre-prepared form, filling each of them only half. Top can be decorated with greenery.
  5. Forms send to the oven, preheating it to 180 degrees.
  6. The baking process takes very little time.After 25 minutes, the gentlest air omelet will be ready.

Sweet omelette

how to cook an omelet in the ovenThere are people who can not imagine life without sweet. How to cook an omelet in the oven and please these sweet teeth? There is a fairly simple option, which is not much different from the classical method. This dish will require the following products: a glass of milk, 5 eggs, a pinch of salt, 2 tablespoons of sugar, butter and raisins.

Cooking technology:

  1. In a deep container, combine eggs, sugar, milk and salt.
  2. Using a mixer, beat the products for 2 minutes until a stable foam is formed.
  3. Grease the form with melted butter and pour the raisins on the bottom.
  4. Top pour the egg mixture and immediately send it to the oven.
  5. The product is baked at 160 degrees for 30 minutes. Gentle sweet dish can be poured with sour cream or yogurt, and sprinkled with fresh berries or fruit pieces. From such a delicious sweet tooth will be delighted.

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