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Jean-Luc Bilodo is a young Canadian actor who is quite talented and unfairly deprived of due attention. Unfortunately, he does not have a single sensational role for the whole world. For this reason, Jean-Luc has a narrow circle of fans. It is for them that the following information about him is collected and presented.

Jean-Luc Bilodo


Born on November 4, 1990 in the city of Vancouver, Canada. The actor is 27 years old. Jean-Luc is a relatively young man, his height is 1 meter 78 centimeters, and he weighs 74 kg. Little is known about his family. Father's name is Raymond Bilodo, and mother Barbara Bilodo. From his parents he got interesting and deep roots. On the paternal side of the French-Canadian, and on the maternal Scottish and Irish. It is bleeding native Canadians! Jean-Luc has a sister, Daniella, who works as an agent for finding new talent in their hometown. Currently, Jean-Luc lives in Los Angeles. The actor sees himself in the future as a screenwriter and producer of his own films.

Jean-Luc Bilodo

Education and profession

He studied in the city of Surrey at a school called Holy Cross Regional High.He graduated from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby.

For a long 9 years as a child, Jean-Luc was engaged in dancing, participated in competitions, it was a serious hobby. But his love to make people laugh and entertain prevailed, and since the filming took a lot of time, they had to quit dancing. A simple imitation of the idol, Jim Carrey, has become a matter of his life.

Jean-Luc admitted that if it were not for the acting, he probably would have taken up music. He believes that he would be no less happy, being, for example, a drummer.

Filmography of Jean-Luc Bilodo

Bilodo is best known for his roles in the series “Kyle XY”, the sitcom “Daddy” and films such as “Summer. Classmates. Love ”(version with Miley Cyrus) and“ 16 desires ”. Some fans noticed him back in 2008, when he played in the mystical series “Supernatural” in the series about Halloween, but as often happens in this series with actors from occasional roles, he was quickly killed.

Jean-Luc Bilodo

We offer a complete list of TV shows and films with Jean-Luc Bilodo.

Name Year Role
"Doomed" 2004 Young bobby
"Trick or Treat" 2007 Shredder
"Extravaganza" 2009 "Star boy"
"16 desires" 2010 Jay kepler
"Best player" 2011 Ash
"Summer classmate love" 2012 Jeremiah
"Piranhas 3DD" 2012 Josh
"Love me" 2012 Harry townsend
"Waiting for the Amish" 2014 Samuel
"Everything has its time" 2015 Clark
"Home life" 2016 Airlie lindstrom
"Axis" 2017 Barry
TV series
"Kyle XY" 2006-2009 Josh tiger
"Supernatural" 2008 Justin
"Monster Hunters" 2009 Lance donovan
"Strange brew" 2010 Martin
"Unusual family" 2010 Bret martin
"R.L. Stein: Time of Ghosts" 2011 Eric
"Daddy" 2012-2017 Ben wheeler

For his role in the latest series, he had two nominations for the Teen TV Star Choice Summer TV Star: Male in 2012 and 2013, and a victory in 2017 for the Teen Choice Award for Choice Comedy TV Actor.

Jean-Luc in "Daddy"

Jean-Luc Bilodo also starred in a Canadian singer Emmaline Estrada's music video Dont Make Me Let You Go.

Personal life of Jean-Luc Bilodo

With the singer, in the clip of which the actor starred, he met for 4 years, from 2010 to 2014. At the moment, Jean-Luc is in a relationship with actress Chelsea Hobbs, who is 6 years older than him and has two children (a girl of 12 years old and a boy of 7 years old) from her ex-husband. They together from last year.

Jean-Luc and his girlfriend

Here is what Jean-Luc Bilodo writes over the joint photo about her on his Twitter:

She is hardworking. She is smart. She is an amazing mother. Her carrot soup is not very. There has never been caries. Drives like Schumacher. It does not go great. Honestly, I can not say enough good things about this gorgeous woman. I love you, Chelsea Hobbs !!!

Jean-Luc has two children of his own: a 11-year-old boy whose mother is actress Chelsea Kane, and a 3-year-old girl from former friend Emmaline Estrada. Bilodo, like a true Canadian, loves hockey.

Los Angeles will never be a hockey city. I am a big fan of hockey, and people here do not appreciate hockey as much as they should. I have always loved him. I am a Canadian, this is definitely my sport.

As for the musical preferences, the actor seems to be a music lover.

My music library may have music of all genres. I am very inspired by Ray Lamontain’s music, he creates amazing music, so I listen to him and he is a great artist.

Actor bisexual orientation.

Interesting Facts

Jean-Luc once advised people not to skimp on Halloween costumes. The actor came to the conclusion that this advice is very valuable, because in 2015 a cheap flammable suit cost him a burn.

Jean-Luc Bilodo often plays the "good guys." The actor admitted that he would very much like to see himself as the “bad guy.” He is very fond of action-movies and arrange a chase on the set, it seems, would give him great pleasure.A fan remains to wait until the dreams of the actor come true, and they will be able to see Jean-Luc Ninja Bilodo on the screen.

Interview with Jean-Luc for BuzzFeed Portal

Translation of Jean-Luc's interview for BuzzFeed portal:

1. What do you do first thing when you wake up in the morning?

I press the snooze button every 5 minutes for 20 minutes. Then I make a plan for the day.

2. Your word parasite?

Eh (Canadian "ai") or "unreal."

3. What was the last thing you searched for on Google?

Search for a route.

4. The last person who called or wrote to you?

The female boss is Heidi Clements.

5. What is your wallpaper on your phone and / or computer?

A photograph in which I drink beer, looking at my favorite place, Vancouver.

6. What is the first disc you bought?

Soundtrack to “People in Black-2” at the garage sale.

7. Which movie makes you laugh the most?

"Ups and Downs: The Story of Dewey Cox."

8. What pizza toppings do you like?

I usually order "the one that has everything."

9. If you choose between kittens and puppies?


10. New York or Los Angeles?

Are you kidding? New York.

11, "Twitter" or "Instagram"?


12. Bacon or Nutella?


13. Britney or Christina?

No one?

14. Coffee or tea?


15.NSYNC or BSB?

Backstreet Boyce.

16. Beyonce or Rihanna?


27 years for an acting career is just the beginning. If you recall such an outstanding actor as Morgan Freeman, his first memorable role happened only when he turned 40 years old. Jean-Luc Bilodo is already popular and famous now, but, most likely, he will still show himself in more significant roles and thunder for the whole world, becoming a new level of fame. After this article about him on the Internet will be much more information, and it will be easier to find. In the meantime, Russian-speaking fans have this article and the ability to subscribe to the social networks of their idols in order to learn news from their lives from there, however, for this you need to tighten up your knowledge of English.

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