Alexander Novikov: biography, personal life, family, songs and photos of the singer

Knowing the biography of Alexander Novikov is important to all who understand domestic music. This is a famous domestic performer of his own songs in the style of chanson. A unique musician who has already refused to receive the title of Honored Artist of Russia three times. In total, they wrote about three hundred songs, the most famous of which are “Chansonetka”, “Carry me, cab driver”, “Street Beauty”, “Do you remember, girl? ..”. In his discography there are as many as 20 numbered albums only; he is a multiple winner of the Ovation and Chanson of the Year awards.

early years

We will begin to tell the biography of Alexander Novikov in 1953, when he was born on the island of Iturup in the Sakhalin Region. The hero of our article grew up in a small military town, Burevestnik, because his father was a military pilot and his mother was in the household.

A few years later, there was a change in the biography of Alexander Novikov and his family.Father was transferred to another duty station, the family moved to Bishkek on the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan. There Sasha and went to the first class. But already produced in Sverdlovsk.


Photo by Alexander Novikov

In his teens, Alexander was already distinguished by a negative attitude towards the state system in the country. For example, he even refused to join the Komsomol, because of which he constantly had problems with teachers and police. As a result, this fact became decisive when entering a university.

Although Novikov made three attempts: he tried at the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute, then at the Ural Polytechnic and Forestry, but everywhere to no avail. Soon he was expelled.

True, he was not much upset because of this, because already at that time rock music occupied a large place in his life, it is safe to say that it had a significant impact on the biography of Alexander Novikov.

Early career

In addition to rock music, he was also fond of the chanson, thanks to which he became famous in the future. When his career was already gaining momentum, Alexander was arrested.

At first, he was accused of anti-Soviet content of the songs, but since it was not easy to prove it, the charge was later replaced. They decided to judge the hero of our article for falsification and speculation with musical equipment.

The singer received a real sentence - ten years in prison. At the zone, Alexander was repeatedly offered simple work, for example, a librarian, but he flatly refused, going every day along with everyone to the logging. So the bard Alexander Vasilievich Novikov with his head held high overcame this difficult period in his biography. He was respected by other prisoners.

During perestroika in 1990, the conviction of the hero of our article was recognized by the Supreme Court as unfounded, he was released on parole. In total, Alexander spent six years in prison.

Creative career

Singer Alexander Novikov

Novikov's creative career began to develop in the early 80s, but his popularity came only after his release from prison. The conclusion left its mark on the biography of the bard Alexander Novikov, hence, apparently, the choice of the corresponding repertoire.

At the very beginning of his career, he even managed to organize his own team, which was called the "Rock Ground." The musician himself wrote songs for the group, performing them on the guitar. True, the style of the very first compositions was strikingly different from the songs that his fans are used to today.In the early 80s it was a mix of rock and roll and punk rock.

Format change

In 1981, the recording studios "Novik Records" created the country's first magnetic albums. But in 1984, the musician dramatically change the format of his work.

Novikov writes a whole collection of soulful songs, which included such hits as "Telephone Conversation", "Ancient City", "Where Do Paths Lead", "Rubles-Penny". After that, a long pause related to imprisonment followed the creative biography of bard Alexander Novikov.

At liberty

Career Alexander Novikov

Returning to freedom, he re-releases the previous album. After its appearance on the shelves of music stores, they immediately become real hits of the composition "East Street", "Remember, girl? ..". Most of the songs he writes himself, creating favorite lyrics by listeners.

There are in the work of Novikov and several albums, songs in which are written on verses of other authors. For example, in 1997 the disc "Sergey Yesenin" appeared, on which the poems of the poet of the Silver Age, set to music, became the hits. Later, he repeated this experience, releasing another album of Esenin’s verses entitled I Remember, Beloved, and the album Pineapples in Champagne, which included poems by various poets of the Silver Age.

Since the mid-90s, the musician regularly travels around the country with concerts and solo programs. Music from such performances publishes in the form of individual albums. He already had 15 such disks.

During his creative career, Novikov was only 12 times nominated for the Chanson of the Year award, managing to win nine times.

Social activity

Biography of Alexander Novikov

In 2010, unexpectedly for many, Novikov was appointed artistic director of the variety theater in his native Yekaterinburg, where most of his youth was held as the hero of our article. Revising the repertoire, Alexander Vasilyevich banned the production of "Blue Puppy", which was loved by local theater-goers. In the performance, the artist himself saw a hint of low-grade, pedophilia and bad taste. This decision caused a scandal with the local creative elite. Thus began his work as artistic director.

In 2011, Novikov again became the focus of media attention when he urged residents of Yekaterinburg not to go to the polls, together with the well-known opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

In 2014 and 2015, Novikov was a member of the jury of the popular TV program "Three Chords", which appeared on the First Channel, he repeatedly appeared on the stage.

In 2016, it became known that Novikov himself plans to run for a seat in the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk Region. However, he was not allowed to take part in the elections with new problems with the law.

Again in the center of the criminal case

The fate of Alexander Novikov

In December 2016, it became known that a criminal case was initiated against Novikov under the article "Fraud on a large scale". Before the New Year, the court sent him under house arrest for a period of two months.

According to investigators who conducted this case, Novikov, together with the ex-deputy minister of the Sverdlovsk region, Mikhail Shilimanov, collected money from shareholders in the construction of a cottage village in Yekaterinburg called "Kvinsk Bay". In total, they managed to get about 150 million rubles.

After that, they transferred money to their accounts, and the construction of houses froze. The final amount of damage was estimated by the investigation at about 35.5 million rubles. In January 2017, it became known that Novikov, being under a written undertaking not to leave, left Russia for the United Arab Emirates for treatment. However, he soon returned.

A family

Personal life of Alexander Novikov

To learn about the biography, personal life, children of Alexander Novikov all his fans are eager. The hero of this article is married, his chosen one is Maria.He met her in geodesic practice, when he was still studying at the geological institute.

When he was in prison, the woman did not turn away from him. She and her husband went through all the difficulties, now they have been together for more than forty years. So in the biography of Alexander Novikov, personal life played a big role. His wife did not allow him to give up and despair in difficult moments. In communication with representatives of the media Novikov often stressed that he was grateful to his wife and did not want to change anything in his family.

Even in the black bands of his biography, singer Alexander Novikov could always rely on his family. He and Maria had two children. Daughter Natalya became an art historian and designer, and her son Igor - a professional photo artist. Currently, the singer has already become a grandfather.

It is known that Novikov is a deeply religious person. However, he is not limited to attending church and prayers. In 1993, he, together with the bell master from Uralsk, cast seven large bells, which he decorated with bas-reliefs of kings from the Romanov dynasty. This whole belfry was donated to the monastery, where it remains to this day.Here is all that is known about the biography of the singer Alexander Novikov, the personal life of the hero of our article.

Activities in recent years

Songs of Alexander Novikov

The new criminal case against Novikov was the main thing that has occupied the famous singer in recent years. The investigation and prosecution of the prosecution turned out to be difficult and confusing. As a result, the whole process lasted for two whole years. Only in August 2017, the Yekaterinburg court made a final decision, finding the musician guilty of a crime. Novikov himself categorically denies everything, presenting evidence of his innocence. One of them, he said, is the completion of the construction of cottages and the transfer of real estate to shareholders of the residential complex.

On the "First Channel" even released the program "Let Them Talk" with Dmitry Borisov, who was dedicated to this event. As for the scandalous criminal case, there were many who wanted to speak.

The singer himself, after the release of the program on the screen, sued its creators and presenter Dmitry Borisov, accusing him of slandering his reputation as an artist and outright slander. Alexander himself announced this on one of his pages on social networks.Currently, the validity of the actions of the television company and the creators of the program “Let them talk” is being checked.

In September 2018, the singer announced the release of his new album called "Fire Girl". Prior to that, his latest albums were called "Blatnoy", "E-album", "Stay with her", "I remember, my love ...", "Ponty Cupid". Also, his collection “Hooligan songs” was released, which included the most popular hits from the past of the hero of our article and fresh musical compositions.

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