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This guy with blond hair is known to all who watched the good old film "Seaside Boulevard". The main role — an honest and sincere young man demobilized from the army — he played,

Children and youth

The famous Russian actor, who played Jack Vosmerkin, was born on December 2, 1959. This significant event for the Russian cinema happened in the seaside village of Petrovka. Sasha's parents had nothing to do with art. Mom was a teacher of literature, and dad was an engineer.

When the boy went to school, it became clear that the young Alexander Kuznetsov had a talent for the exact sciences, so he went to the physics and mathematics school. After successfully completing it, he leaves for the capital, having easily entered the Moscow Aviation Institute there.

Aleksandr Kuznetsov

But as a student, Sasha realized that he did not want to be a “techie”, because the boy was suddenly able to open for you the magical world of theater and cinema.He began attending classes at a student’s theater studio. He likes all this very much, and Sasha realizes that henceforth his ardent desire is to act upon.

He did not finish his studies at the MAI for just a year, but he never regretted it. But on the first attempt, Alexander Kuznetsov, whose photo in Soviet times often appeared in magazines, entered the famous Pike at the first attempt, where he studied until 1985, when he received a diploma.

Theatrical path

After third-year student Alexander Kuznetsov made his debut in 1984 in the production of “Yet it Spins”, playing Lopotukhin, it was noticed not only by the audience, but also by critics. And immediately a novice actor was approved in another performance - “Two Arrows” for the role of Big-Eared.

Then there were still performances and new characters. In the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, he played until 1989, always breaking the applause of the audience.


He began to act, being a freshman. But the actor considers the film “Non-Forces” a real debut, where he played a simpleton from the village of Neznam.

After the release of the film "Jack Vosmerkin -" American "in the 86th, he learned what real fame is. Alexander Kuznetsov in the film played his truly stellar role, it became for him a kind of prophecy, because after a few years he moved to the United States.

Alexander Kuznetsov, "Primorsky Boulevard"

A little later, there were films "Primorsky Boulevard" and "Aelita, do not bother men." Kuznetsov popularity grew by leaps and bounds.

Hollywood life

At the peak of his career, Alexander Kuznetsov was leaving the USSR to the USA. He is invited to shoot in a small American project, designed by the work of Jack London.

Filming later in the film "Running on Ice", the actor arrives on his native land, because according to the director's idea, one of the scenes should take place on Red Square. At that time in Moscow there was just the time of the Emergency Committee. Kuznetsov, being in the epicenter of events, was on the barricades several times.

In the film "Jack Vosmerkin -" American "

He was glad to return to the USA at that time, because the nineties were marked by a deep crisis of Soviet cinema. And in Los Angeles, Alexander had a few more projects in which he starred with Nicole Kidman, George Clooney, Clint Eastwood ...

He returned to Russia after 18 years, founding the Moscow School of Cinema and Television in Moscow.

Personal life of an actor

Alexander Kuznetsov, whose biography for many years interested in television viewers, has always been very popular among women. The girls guarded him after the shootings in order to get an autograph and at least get his attention. But Alexander never arranged from his personal life a stormy showdown.He liked quiet family evenings at home.

His first love later became the first wife. It was the Russian actress Lyudmila Sobko. They met back in their student years. Everything would have turned out well and, perhaps, the family would have been preserved. But ... Both spouses had big ambitions, they wanted to develop. Therefore, the joint future has receded into the background. They've divorced.

Alexander Kuznetsov is completely immersed in work, he does not pay attention to women. But he diametrically changed his behavior when on the set he met Julia Rutberg. Their relationship developed quite rapidly, and stamps in passports appeared very quickly. Although Yulina's career was only gaining momentum, she decided to give birth to her son Gregory to her beloved spouse. At first everything was very good. But acting life involves shooting and traveling. Julia and Sasha more often quarreled. The family broke up. Alexander went to the United States for as much as 18 years. Julia did not consider it necessary to leave Russia, because she considered it impossible to act in American cinema.

Alexander Kuznetsov now

Sometimes there are unconfirmed reports that Kuznetsov had a third marriage - with a Russian émigré, also an actress. Their acquaintance took place in America.In this marriage, the second son of Alexander was born - Ivan. But the baby did not strengthen the relationship of parents.

Now the actor is once again in love and happy. 7 years ago he met her - beautiful Christina Tatarenkova. She has nothing to do with cinema, her field of activity is advertising business. Recently there was news that Kuznetsov was going to marry again.

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