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Englishwoman Melanie Chisholm was born in 1974, January 12th. The singer's homeland is the village of Whiston (near Liverpool). Melanie is the author of five music albums (poems for her songs Mel C writes herself) and co-author of eleven popular hits.

Melanie Chisholm's musical career

Full name of the singer - Melanie Jane Chisholm. Having taken up a career, Melanie released four solo albums (two of them at her own recording studio Red Girl Records), became the star of the musical Blood Brothers and was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award.

As a member of the famous five Spice Girs, Melanie Chisholm (stage name - Sport Spice) didn’t shine much, but was always surrounded by a certain aura of mystery. Mel's time came after her appearance in Los Angeles. The singer came here to make her dream come true - the recording of the first solo album.


melanie chisolmCareer growth Melanie Chisholm, whose songs today occupy the top of the charts, once went against the expectations of representatives of the recording company,signed with her contract. Moreover, immediately after the release of the album Reason, the cooperation beneficial for the girl was over.

The termination of the contract for the musician is the end of his career and complete discredit, but Mel did not think to give up. Very little time passed, and now she is the owner of her own recording studio (Red Girl Records) and is working on a new album called Beautiful Intentions.

Melanie Chisholm: albums and hits

melanie chisolm albumsDuring their stay in Spice Girs Sport group has released about fifty albums and nine vinyl records. In 2000, when 53 million copies of these music carriers spread around the world, the group fell apart.

Melanie Chisholm started a solo career with the help of a popular singer, Canadian Brian Adams, who invited the girl to sing a duet with him (Baby When You’re Gone), and Mel released her first solo album, Northern Star in 1999.

Northern Star took the 4th line of the charts, and the ratings of the two vinyl discs immediately jumped. Later, Northern Star became three times platinum in the UK, took gold in Australia, and European fans gave him platinum status. The breach of contract with Virgin made Melanie think about the foundation of her own record company, which she did in 2004.

The summer of 2005 was for Mel a period of triumphal march of a new song, not included in the album Beautiful Intentions. Its authors are Guy Chambers and Enrique
Iglesias - wrote First Day of My Life specifically for the popular television series “Julia” in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and in some other European countries.

The new single quickly gained momentum and took off almost to the top of the fashionable charts, surpassing Madonna, Robbie Williams and Sugababes. Later, the album Beautiful Intentions was reissued with a new song and, having won the favor of German and Austrian fans, brought Melanie the status of the owner of the golden music CD.

2007 was for Melanie a period of temporary reunion with colleagues from the Spice Girls for the sake of a farewell tour of this group, called The Return of The Spice Girls. The final concert took place in Canada.

As part of the final tour, Melanie Chisholm performed two concerts in New York in December 2007, and performed in Los Angeles in February 2008. Soon the singer will return to Canada to control the distribution of her fourth album, This Time.

In mid-August 2008, Mel C. took part in a concert dedicated to the memory of Reese Jones, a schoolboy who was killed right in the middle of one of the streets of Liverpool.

The personal life of the singer

melanie chisolm songsVery little is known about Melanie Chisholm’s personal life: her former common-law husband is Thomas Starr. The couple met in 2002 in Barbados, after which Melanie and Thomas for almost ten years did not part. During this relationship, Melanie became the mother of a wonderful baby named Scarlet Starr.

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