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Albert Asadullin - a famous domestic pop artist, singer. Sings a tenor altino voice. He has the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR and People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan. His most famous hits - “The road without end” and “Boy with a girl was friends”.

Biography of the singer

Albert Asadullin's career

Albert Asadullin was born in 1948 in Kazan. His father was a retired officer who returned from World War II.

After school, Albert Asadullin entered the art school in Kazan, and then received a degree in architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts, this happened in 1974. It was during his studies at the academy that vocal talent woke up in him and he began to perform regularly. The first permanent team of the singer was an ensemble called "Ghosts".

In the 70s, Albert Asadullin performed in the Neva Time Group, moving to Leningrad. He went with his teammates every weekend with his own program to concerts in Pushkin: they performed in the Officers' Club.

Professional career

Albert Asadullin songs

Albert Asadullin, whose biography is shown in this article, professionally decided to take up singing in 1975. After the very first performances, members of the singing-singers-singing-and-singing group “The Singing Guitars”, who invited the hero of our article to perform the first part in the Soviet rock opera Orpheus and Eurydice, paid attention to him. After that, Asadullin began to regularly perform with Singing Guitars, touring throughout the country.

The first success in the rock opera predetermined his fate. Singer began to regularly invite in large-scale rock productions. For example, in 1978 he played the role of Til Ulenshpiegel in the rock opera “Flemish Legend”, and a year later he played in the rock opera “Races”.

In 1979, the hero of our article received the first two awards of the Golden Orpheus competition at the All-Union Variety of Variety Artists Competition. This success allowed him to start a solo career.

Independent performances

Albert Asadullin’s songs are becoming known to the entire Soviet Union. In his repertoire of composition to the music of Reznikov, Rybnikov, Kornelyuk, Petrov, Tukhmanov. In 1980, on the basis of Lenconcert, he created the ensemble "Pulse", in which Alexander Rosenbaum debuted.Asadullin himself performs several of his songs.

The hero of our country travels around the country with great success. With the ensemble "Pulse" the singer works until 1983.

"Road without end"

Interview by Albert Asadullin

In 1982, a 4-episode series by Leonid Menaker “Niccolo Paganini” appeared on Soviet screens, after which many people remembered the musical leitmotif that accompanied the main character. It was a free, light and slightly ironic composition, the composer Sergey Banevich became the author of.

A couple of years later, the poetess Tatyana Kalinina wrote poems to this melody, and the song about the eternal union of Music and Love, which Asadullin performed for the first time at the annual festival, was formed. So one of the most famous hits of Albert Asadullin “The Road Without End” was born. With this composition, he won the All-Union Festival "Song of the Year" in 1984, and then took part in the New Year's gala concert.

Albert Asadullin’s song “The Road Without End” is one of the hundred best domestic song masterpieces of the 20th century.

Awards and titles

Photo by Albert Asadullina

The popularity of Asadullina is growing every year. He actively collaborates with Anatoly Badkhen and his orchestra.Together they perform at the Days of Culture, government concerts in many cities of the Soviet Union. With the orchestra of George Garanian, Asadullin often gives concerts abroad. The song “A World Without Wonders”, which was performed not only by Irina Ponarovskaya, is especially successful there.

In 1984, the hero of our article becomes a soloist of the Philharmonic in Lipetsk. After that, he begins to tour, taking part in various art festivals, for example, the Kemerovo Meridian or Morning of the Motherland.

In 1987 he released a music disc called "It was all with us." In addition to the already mentioned compositions, there is another hit by Albert Asadullin “Boy with a Girl was Friends”, authored by Sergey Mikhalkov and Igor Korneliuk. The song that gave the title to the entire collection is written by Mikhail Tanich and Vyacheslav Malezhik.

In 1988, Asadullin was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.


Biography of Albert Asadullin

During the restructuring, the direction of the hero of our article has changed somewhat. Tatar folk songs appear in his repertoire. True, in 1989 he returned to his usual role, performing the main part in a rock suite called "Magdy".This is a unique statement for that time, the plot of which is entirely based on the Qur'an. It is believed that "Magdi" - the first Tatar rock folk opera. In the early 90s, it is demonstrated in the largest halls, Moscow, Leningrad and Kazan.

In 1993, in the Oktyabrsky concert hall in St. Petersburg, Asadullin arranged his benefit performance, and two years later he released a music disc called The Endless Road.

Career in the 2000s

In the 2000s, Asadullin actively continues his creative career. For example, in 2003, he participated in the recording of the animated film “Dwarf Nose” based on the fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff of the same name.

In 2008, he performs in the program “Love quiet words”, dedicated to the memory of the Polish singer Anna Herman, popular in the Soviet Union. In the same year, he compiles a program for the anniversary benefit performance, which includes his parts from rock operas, Tatarstan's folk songs, works of classics, hits of previous years and romances. With this benefit performance he performs in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. With the support of the government of Tatarstan arranges a tour of the ten largest cities of the republic.

In 2010, the hero of our article plays the main role in the musical “Nameless Star”, and also presents his new program called “Music of the Soul”.

In 2012, announces a joint program with the ethnic group "Minus Trills", which became known as "With a song around the world." Her main feature was that all the songs were performed in different languages.

In 2017, Asadullin plays the main role in the play “The Canterville Ghost”, which is staged at the St. Petersburg Bryantsev Young Spectator's Theater. The director of the production was Viktor Kramer.

Now the hero of our article is a soloist of the Petersburg-concert concert and philharmonic institution. He is 69 years old, but he continues his active creative activity.

Many remember him not only as a singer, but also as a participant in various television programs: “Saturday Evening”, “Morning Post”, as well as government concerts, which were held in the State Central Concert Hall “Russia” and the festive New Year's “Ogonyok”. He was a real star on Soviet television.

Often, it was Asadullin who represented Soviet songwriting at the “Days of Culture of the USSR”, which were held in Finland, Poland, Germany and even India in Soviet times. Such events were especially popular in the 80s.The name of the artist to whom we dedicated this article was included in the world encyclopedia of jazz, folk, pop and rock music.

Albert Asadullin's Daughter

The hero of this article was married twice. From his first marriage he has a son Vladislav, who is already 48 years old. He is a designer.

The second wife is theater manager Elena Asadullina. She is 30 years younger than the singer. They have two daughters - Alice and Alina.

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