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When you have to climb to heaven to a height of 11 thousand meters, somehow you immediately begin to scrutinize the airlines offering flights in the right direction. After all, it is to them that we entrust our lives during the flight.

In addition to security, travelers of flights are of paramount importance and comfort. Somehow I do not want to spend a long time on board, crouching in a cramped chair and bending his knees into the back of the front seat.

Many passengers are interested in both the food offered on the plane and the class of the ship. In this article, we will analyze the airline Etihad Airways. Comments about her passengers also served as an information base for the creation of this review.

The word "Etihad" in the name of the company is translated from the Arabic language as "Union". Who or what is in this community, we have to find out.

Airline Etihad Airways logo

The history of the company

Etihad Airways was established not so long ago - in 2003. But although the carrier cannot boast of a long history, tourists characterize Etihad Airways in reviews as the most dynamically developing company in commercial aviation.

A year after the sheikh of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nayan, signed a decree on the establishment of a national company, its aircraft have already carried 340 thousand passengers around the world. In 2008, this figure increased to six million people.

What caused such a staggering demand for the company's services? It's all about the already mentioned alliance, as stated in the name of the company.

Absolute security, the highest comfort with elements of Eastern luxury and convenience of directions - these are the three components of success that are combined in the company's policy. It is also an alliance with the passenger who sealed him by buying a ticket.

Etihad Airline listens keenly to all the wishes of its customers in order to translate them into reality.

Summer park

The safety of passengers during a flight depends equally on the technical equipment of the airliner and the experience of the pilot team. In order to secure a name for itself and attract customers, Etihad Airways has bought only the latest cars from the very beginning.

Even the first flights to Al Ain and international to Beirut were carried out on ultra-modern liners.In 2004, the airline bought five Boeings 777-300ER and 24 Airbus, including four A380s. Total order was made for eight billion US dollars.

But the management considered that the fleet of 29 new liners is not enough for the flagship of the UAE aviation. And in 2008 at the air show in the British Farnborough made an order for another 205 aircraft. At the moment, in the park "Etihad" there are such machines like "Airbus":

  • A 319-100 - 2 pcs.
  • A 320-200 - 23 pcs.
  • A 321-200 - 10 pcs.
  • A 330-200 - 19 pcs.
  • A 330-300 - 6 pcs.
  • A 340-500 - 1 pc.
  • A 340-600 - 7 pcs.
  • A 380-800 - 10 pcs.

Also, the company's management highly appreciates the technical capabilities of Boeing. In the park of this type of machine there are twelve pieces of the brand 787-9. Etihad also operates cargo flights. The cargo fleet consists of five “Airbus A 330-200F” and 5 “Boeing 777F”.

It should be noted that the company constantly replaces physically or morally obsolete liners with new ones. At this time, "Etihad" is waiting for delivery of "Airbus" series A 320 and A 321 Neo, as well as A 350-1000 and "Boeing 777" 8 and 9 series.

Aircraft Etihad Airways


According to passengers in reviews, you can fly around the world with Etihad Airways! Only from Moscow Domodedovo the company makes direct flights to Bangkok and Phuket (Thailand), Seoul, Riyadh, Singapore, Colombo, Shanghai, Tokyo, Male and Sydney.

Etihad liners are rising into the sky from other cities of Russia - St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Kazan and Samara. And if you consider connecting flights, the geography of flights expands to infinity.

Traveling with Etihad Airways with a transfer in Abu Dhabi (transit passengers mention that the company has its own hotel with a rooftop pool) will allow you to reach any point on our planet, except perhaps Antarctica and zones of military conflicts.

The code-sharing agreements concluded by Etihad with other carriers allow you to continue your trip to its province upon arrival in the capital of the country.

Comfort on board the Etihad Airways: economy class reviews

Many passengers claim that the airplanes of this company look like luxury five star hotels. The management of Etihad has long refused to use the terms "economy", "business" and "premium class." Instead, in the cabin of the liner there are compartments for guests "Coral", "Pearl" (Pearl) and "Diamond" (Diamond).

Where places are more expensive - it is not hard to guess. But even the Coral salon is not at all like the economy class that other airlines offer.All the chairs in this compartment are ergonomic, that is, the most supporting spine, adapting to a person of any height and build.

The back of the front seat is equipped with a 26-centimeter touch screen with a set of movies and games. Long-distance passengers are given out travel kits. They include toothpaste and a brush, a pair of socks, earplugs and two sleep masks covering the eyes.

Why two? Tourists explain: “Wake before eating” is written on one, and “Do not disturb” on the second. So do not complain later that you are not fed.

Small children traveling in the Coral compartment are presented with a set of colorings with pencils, picture books and stickers.

Etihad airways economy class

Comfort in "Pearl"

“Pearl” is a business class cabin at Etihad Airways. 2017 reviews often contain information that passengers who buy tickets for Coral are invited to enter the sector with a higher rank. After all, the fullness of the liners is kept steadily in the range of 80-85 percent.

What services are provided in the "Pearl" sector? Tourists in the report and report about it. Chairs in the compartment wider. Each is equipped with a stand not only for the feet, but for all legs.If desired, such a chair is easily transformed into a comfortable full bed.

Long-distance passengers are given a soft pillow and a fluffy blanket, as well as travel kits. In addition to what they give the Coral passengers, they have cosmetic accessories.

Guests are also given guides to the city where the plane is heading. In the “Pearl” sector there is a lobby for six people, where passengers can get together to socialize.

Etihad Airways class "Pearl"

Comfort in "Diamond"

What are the conditions for VIP guests prepared by Etihad Airways? Traveler reviews are one and all enthusiastic. Each passenger of this "diamond" class flies in a private cabin, which differs from a suite in a hotel only in small sizes.

It has a two-meter bed with a massage device, a dressing room with a mirror, a folding chair, a cosmetics bag with Swarovski crystals, a box for cufflinks, toiletries from La Prairie.

The capsule also contains a 60-inch LCD TV with a game console, a DVD player and a stocked mini-bar. The beds are upholstered in leather, which is usually made up of executive cars.We can say that passengers are provided with a real room.

The chef inquires from VIP passengers what they would like to eat, and prepares meals according to their order. In the first class of service, Etihad is the owner of five stars in the Skytrax World Air Ewords rating in three nominations: “Best Service”, “Best Food” and “Best Chairs”.

VIP Comfort at Etihad Airways


Since Etihad is the flagship of the UAE’s civil aviation, its aircraft depart from Abu Dhabi and Dubai on time. In other cities of the world, slight delays are possible due to congestion of the airport or the strip.

But as travelers report in reviews, Etihad Airways is almost never late to the destination. Delays can only be within a quarter of an hour. Flight cancellation is an emergency for the airline.

Even if a serious malfunction is found in the car, it is replaced with another liner. Delayed departures due to weather conditions are also extremely rare.

If you are traveling with transfers on Etihad wings, you should not worry that you will not have time for a connecting flight. Even if the liner leaves without you, the company will put you on the next plane for the near future.

Meals on board

We have already mentioned how VIP passengers are fed to the Diamond sector. And what is the catering for those who travel in business class and economy? In the reviews of Etihad Airways, travelers do not remain silent about this exciting question.

Coral passengers are provided with an extensive menu in which they can choose one of the three proposed dishes: appetizer, hot, dessert. Between meals, guests are served tea, coffee, juices, soft drinks and alcohol of any strength - from beer to gin.

Passengers in the Pearl sector receive more luxurious meals. Two menus are presented: “At any time” or “A la carte”. Tourists in the reviews recommend choosing the latter. All dishes of high restaurant cuisine are collected in this menu.

An extensive wine list is also offered. In the salon before the meal there is an expert who will help you determine the choice of dishes.

Dining at Etihad Airways

Special nutrition

Traveling with a small child or baby? Do you have food allergies or special diseases that exclude the use of certain products? Does your religion or belief impose some restrictions on food?

Then, no later than 48 hours before departure, you need to contact the appropriate Etihad Airways service. In the reviews, tourists mention that food options can also be specified when purchasing a ticket.

Many passengers specially order a vegetarian lunch and halal: fish and lamb - here they cook perfectly.

Pre- and post-flight services

Etihad Airways is not limited to caring for its customers only on board the ship. Even if you arrived at the airport of Abu Dhabi as a passenger of the Coral class, you can use the free shuttle bus to the center of Dubai. On the way, the car stops at the Marina Mall and the Chelsea Towers.

If you buy a ticket to the UAE online, it will serve as a pretext for obtaining a tourist visa to this country. More bonuses on the ground are waiting for passengers "Pearl" and "Diamond". They are not transported to Dubai by bus, but by an individual transfer by a representative class car.

If you bought a “Diamond” class ticket, you will be taken to and from the airport at any point where the company's liners fly. In the case of a long wait for a connecting flight, you are entitled to free accommodation at the Etihad brand hotel in Abu Dhabi, and if the time is smaller, then in the chic lounge of the same airport with food vouchers.

When you need to appear for registration

Since Etihad is a union, an agreement, let's now talk about the duties of passengers to the company. The first thing a traveler must do after purchasing a ticket is to register.

Etihad Airways allows you to do this online. Then you do not have to stand in a queue, but go to the “Fast Check-in” baggage box. This service is provided to passengers of the two highest classes of service.

Check-in begins at the airport four hours before departure, and it ends an hour for Coral passengers and 45 minutes for VIP guests. The exceptions are flights heading to the United States. For them, check-in is completed two hours before departure.

Etihad Airways baggage allowance

Baggage allowance

The weight of the unaccompanied and carry-on baggage worries passengers. Indeed, in most companies for every extra kilogram of luggage you have to pay a lot of money.

Unlike competitors, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates approaches this issue very humanely. Even passengers of the Coral can take with them 32 kilograms of suitcases and seven more - to the salon.

Many go to the UAE for diving. With the appropriate certificate, they can hand in an additional 15 kg of baggage upon check-in.

Etihad Airways for higher class passengers has a higher bounding box. In the salon, they can take two pieces of hand luggage with a total weight of 12 kg.

"Etihad" does not allow women to enter the salon at the 37th week of pregnancy, and from 29th to 36th, expectant mothers will have to provide a medical certificate about their state of health.

The airline does not allow animals to be carried, not only in showrooms, but also in the luggage compartment. The only exceptions are guide dogs and hunting falcons.

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