Agriculture of the World Nowadays

General provisions

If we evaluate the situation on a historical scale, then the agriculture of the world as a subject of study, assessment and forecasting appeared not so long ago. By the middle of the last century (after the end of the Second World War), a planetary information system had already formed. On its basis, it has become possible to obtain source data, process them and apply them for various purposes. For example, grain yield data in various countries became the basis for developing fertilizer production. In turn, this process required the creation of new capacities in the chemical industry.

Agriculture WorldAgriculture - Cereals and Vegetables

Cereals are the basis of nutrition for humans. They are also of decisive importance for the production of animal feed. So the situation on planet Earth. World agriculture consists of two components - plant growing and animal husbandry. In turn, crop farming combines several industries - the cultivation of grain crops, oil, sugarcane, industrial plants, vegetables and fruits.There is every reason to say that the agriculture of the world is based on the production of grain. Chief among them are wheat, rice and corn.

World LivestockMeat and milk production

According to statistics, 55% of the grain produced is consumed by the population of the planet. The remaining forty-five percent is used for livestock feed production. Throughout the past century, world livestock has been developing at a high rate. In many ways, this trend is due to the development of industrial production, the growth of cities and the living standards of a significant part of the population. At the same time, the quality of life and, above all, the structure of nutrition changed. The daily diet became more diverse, nutritious and high-calorie.

World AgricultureFormation of agro-industrial complex

In order to meet the growing needs of people working in the industrial sphere, the agriculture of the world itself had to be transferred to an industrial basis. Processes of this kind originate from the depths of the ages. For deeper plowing of the earth instead of a plow began to use a metal plow. Then a tractor came to replace the horse and ox.Yield growth was ensured through the use of mineral fertilizers. All these updates led to the fact that the volume of production increased. As a result of this, a special branch for its processing appeared.

Agriculture WorldProspects for the development of agriculture

In addition to the above, it should be noted that breeding work plays an important role in increasing yields. For example, the emergence of new, more productive varieties has increased the yield of wheat several times.

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