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Hand-made snowmobiles can be made quite simply. This is due to the fact that the design does not have a complicated transmission, clutch, wheels, and hydraulic brakes. It is possible to use such equipment even in difficult road conditions, where it is not easy to pass even a crawler tractor. The high efficiency of the installation and the significant speed of passage made this type of self-made transport one of the most common.

The basis for the construction of snowmobiles

do-it-yourself snowmobile

The bottom frame, made in the form of a flat panel, acts as the base of the structure. It is to be independently produced from pine spars, foam filling, wooden cross-beams, as well as durable plating made of plywood. Such a panel has high quality characteristics, expressed in low weight and high rigidity, in addition, the canvas shows a bending in torsion, but it has very little thickness.

Tips for making snowmobiles

snowmobile doodles drawings

If you decide to make a snowmobile with your own hands, then to make the spars you have to choose straight-layered boards, the thickness of each of which must be equal to 40 mm. With their use to be curved curved parts, whose height is 50 mm. For side elements it is necessary to prepare boards with a thickness of 15 mm. Whereas the front cross member, on which the steering wheel hinges will be strengthened, should be made of pine bar 60x50 mm. In order to mount the frame frame, made in the form of a panel, it is necessary to use epoxy glue. The same composition should also be applied when attaching foam blocks to the frame; in addition, the adhesive should also be used when facing the bottom panel, in the process of which it is necessary to use 5-mm plywood.

Recommendations for the manufacture of housing

snow chainsaw do-it-yourself

In order to make snowmobiles with your own hands, it will be necessary to build a hull, which can be based on a lightweight carcass-based design that is classic for this kind of transport. The latter should be made of thin-walled metal pipes, which are fastened together by welding. It is necessary to choose billets whose outer diameter is 15 mm.After on the frame it is necessary to strengthen the form-building elements, which are the stringers. Fastening must be done with soft wire.

Features manufacturing windshield

how to make a snowmobile do-it-yourself

In order to make a snowmobile with your own hands, you will need a windshield, which can be borrowed from ZAZ-968, for it the frame is fixed on the frame by means of a welding machine. The space between them formed by stringers must be carefully filled with foam blocks. As soon as the surface of the foam will be processed and covered with a putty compound, the body must be covered with fiberglass, which fits into two layers.

Door manufacturing

propeller for do-it-yourself snowmobile

To make the door, you must use the same technology that was used in the execution of the body. That is, there will have to prepare the tubes, which will form the basis of the frame. In addition, plywood stringers and foam filling will have to be used. As for the window located, as well as those windows that will be on the doors, the use of 4-mm plexiglass is useful.

If you decide to do a do-it-yourself snowmobile, it’s recommended to preview the drawings in order to choose one of them.

The side portions of the rear region of the body of the snowmobiles, which go over into the keels, should be trimmed with previously prepared plywood sheets. It is necessary to use sheets of 4 mm when carrying out these works. Keels are areas located behind the doors of the installation. Plywood should be mounted on a tubular frame, and it is recommended to use screws M4. After this kind of work is completed, you can proceed to the pasting of external surfaces, while applying fiberglass, which necessarily fits into two layers. The inner surface of the plywood skin must be protected from moisture, use for this you need parquet lacquer, which is applied in two layers.

Propeller unit

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The snowmobiles with their own hands, the drawings of which are to be prepared in advance, are based on the RMZ-640 propeller drive unit, which has a V-belt gearbox. These engines are equipped with a number of trikes, as well as aircraft.It is worth noting that the propeller installation of the described design is almost no different from the one that is built into the popular double deltalet. With a propeller, the diameter of which is equal to 1350 mm, the unit is able to develop static thrust of 120 kg, which will be quite enough for the design described.

Before you make your own snowmobile, it is necessary to take into account that the propeller installation on the frame panel should be fixed by means of braces in the amount of six pieces. They must be made of metal pipes Ø30x1.5 mm.

In order to reduce the aerodynamic resistance, wooden pipes should be glued to the pipes with epoxy, which will give the cross section a drop-like cross section.

Work on the propeller

screw for snowmobile doodles

The propeller for snowmobiles with your own hands can be made using the same technology that was used by the German company Hoffman. Before making the screw, it is necessary to make the workpiece using pine bars 60x20 mm, which are to be glued together with epoxy resin. When carrying out this process, the layers of wood must be positioned symmetrically to the planes of conjugation.After gluing is completed, the blank must be brushed off to match the size of the screw. For templates you need to apply a drawing screw. But the templates themselves should be prepared from plywood. To carry out the work, it is necessary to use several of their options - a planned one, as well as a side view, lower and upper blade patterns. If you decide to make a snowmobile with your own hands, the photos of which are presented in the article, you need to perform the markup and use the ax with a plane in the next step. But the final work on bringing the screw should be done in the stocks. It is necessary to carry out its basis from a board in 60 mm.

Screw tips

In order to determine how accurately the screw was machined, you need to apply a blue, which you need to process the lower patterns. On the rod to put on the workpiece and press. This will allow to get prints of blades As soon as the blue marks are removed, the rasp must be pressed against the templates. Such manipulations are to be carried out until traces of patterns in length are printed on the workpiece. The upper region of the screw must be processed in the stocks, after which it is necessary to remove the excess between the sections.In order to control the correctness of these works, it is necessary to use a steel ruler.

Screw for a snowmobile with his hands should be balanced after it is ready. To do this, you need to install a steel roller in the central hole, and then mount the propeller on the balancing rulers. If a lighter blade is found, it must be loaded with lead, which should be glued in strips. As soon as it is possible to achieve equilibrium, a round rod should be cast from the strips, which is attached to the epoxy adhesive in the hole made in the blade.

Conducting trim propeller

You can make a snowmobile out of a chainsaw with your own hands, but if you decide to use the technology described above, then in the next step you need to paste over the propeller with fiberglass in two layers. After you need to make grinding, final balancing. Further, the surface is primed, as well as painted with enamel. In front, the ski should be glued together on epoxy resin using plywood strips 4 mm thick. In this case, stainless steel strips of 0.8 mm should also be used.Gluing thickness is equivalent to 30 mm. The front area of ​​the ski should be in the form of an arc of 16 mm metal pipe. In the middle part, this element should have 3 mm thick stainless steel undercuts. The ski will have a spring-hydraulic shock absorber, borrowed from the "Ural".

Rear skis have box appearance. Their soles are glued together from plywood and stainless steel, but the sidewalls must be prepared from a 25 mm board. These items are depreciated. The steering is taken from the CZD motor-car. From it you can take and heater. The brakes are mounted on the rear skis. The drive is combined: from the pedal to the lever, it will be a cable, while from the lever to the scraper it must be made rigid. If you want to make the installation more difficult, you can make a radio-controlled snowmobile with your own hands.

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