Actress Tatyana Pankova: biography, roles in cinema and theater

Tatiana Pankova is a theater and film actress that many generations of viewers knew and loved. But few people know that this people's artist of the Russian Federation, a graduate of the WTU them. Shchepkina was another profession - a mathematician. It turns out that the famous Tatiana Pankova, an actress of the Maly Theater, in her childhood often won school competitions and achieved significant success in the exact sciences. But life had its own way.Tatyana Pankova actress


On December 27, 1916, future actress Tatyana Pankova was born in the family of St. Petersburg intellectuals. Photos of this famous woman will surely be familiar to anyone who has ever watched a play at the Maly Theater or has seen a movie with her participation. This actress was hard not to remember.

Her father, Pyotr Ilyich Pankov, worked as a process engineer, and her mother, Zinaida Andreevna, taught mathematics. But despite the fact that both parents had no relation to art, theatrical spirit always reigned in their family.The fact is that Tatiana's father, being a technician by profession, was an unusually poetic kind. Later, the actress recalled how, with his incredible artistry inherent in him, he recited poems to his children, managing to remake many famous Russian fairy tales in them.

However, parents did not want their children to get serious about art. They thought that they needed more serious professions. In the Pankov family grew four children: two girls and two boys. And it so happened that they all eventually tied their lives with the theater.Actress Tatyana Pankova Roles

A family

The first to appear on the stage was Tatiana's elder brother Vasily. Being enthusiastic and madly in love with theatrical life, the young man soon became addicted to the stage and younger. Vasily worked in the Bolshoi Drama troupe. His close-knit family did not miss the opportunity to attend all dress rehearsals. They took seats in the hall during each premiere. Unfortunately, during the war he died. Tatiana's younger brother, who recently passed away, also played in the BDT. He became a famous actor. One of his successful works was the role of Teterev in the brilliant staging of Tovstonogov “The Tradesmen”.Pavel starred a lot. Tatyana's older sister, Nina, also played on the BDT stage and taught acting at GITIS.

Choice of profession

At school, the future famous actress, following in the footsteps of her mother, was very keen on mathematics. The girl had good success, several victories at the Olympics, including the first place among girls across the country. Nevertheless, Tatyana Pankova is an actress by nature, she always loved the theater very much, she even played at school in performances. However, the girl was always confused by one circumstance. Quoting Epikhodov from The Cherry Orchard, one might say: she was afraid to even think about the theater “because of her appearance.” Ascertaining the sad fact, we can say that actress Tatyana Pankova, whose filmography is very extensive, has never been a beauty.Tatyana Pankova

After graduating from high school, the girl enters the Leningrad University, choosing a Physics and Mathematics Department for training. But very soon, she realizes that her natural temperament does not allow to engage in scientific work. The girl was more interested in practical areas of activity, she liked to communicate with people. As a result, the future actress is transferred to the Polytechnic on the metallurgical department.In 1939 she graduated from it.

With a sense of “accomplishment of duty”, the girl, giving her father a diploma from the Polytechnic Institute, went to the capital. She was going to enter the Schepkin School. The fact is that during the Leningrad tour of the Maly Theater, Tatyana Pankova watched the play “The Children of Vanyushin”. An outstanding actor played in him, in which the entire female half of the country was in love, Nikolay Rybnikov. Tatiana was so stunned by his play that she firmly decided to enter the Maly Theater in order to "play like his actors."

Studying at Shchepkinsky school

Arriving in the capital, the girl began to take exams in many studios with a passion that seized her. She wanted to test herself. She tried her hand at both the Shchukin and Schepkin schools, and she passed her exams in the studios of the Chamber, Realistic theaters. She was accepted everywhere. But Pankova, without changing her dream, resolutely went to study at Shchepkinsk College.

She later told me that she was incredibly lucky. The girl came to such wonderful teachers as Konstantin Aleksandrovich Zubov and Alexander Pavlovich Gruzinsky.Tatyana Pankova filmography

In far Chelyabinsk

It so happened that her training coincided with the beginning of the war. The Maly Theater and, accordingly, the Shchepkinsky School were evacuated to the distant Chelyabinsk. It was here, while still a second-year student, Tatyana Pankova first appeared on the stage. She plays the role of the woman Vasilisa in the "Patriotic War of 1812" based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy. In Chelyabinsk, the girl receives the first baptism of fire. She is immediately involved in the work of local theater brigades, and when a front-line branch of her native theater is created, she begins to go around with him all the dispositions of troops.

War years

Tatiana performed in many parts of the army, working eight to nine hours a day in the open air, sometimes a few hundred meters from the Germans, in trucks. For two years, the future celebrity traveled to the front line, playing for the fighters at the limit of her mental strength, but always happy that she could give the soldiers a moment of rest and enliven their memories of living in peaceful conditions.

Novice actress Tatyana Pankova, whose roles at the front were mostly comedic, was always proud of her first award. Her performances by the fighters at the front were taken very hotly.Pankova played Anfisa in The Marriage of Balzaminov, Merchutkina in Chekhov's Jubilee, and Arina Fedotovna in Ostrovsky's Not Not in Your Sleigh. By the way, it was for the last role that Tatiana received the first prize at the Moscow show, in which many front-line theaters participated.

Native Maly Theater

In 1943, Pankov was accepted into the troupe. And since then, for many years she faithfully served the only theater in her life. It is this, almost old-fashioned word “ministry” that best characterizes the reverent, almost sacred attitude to the scene, which has always been inherent in the oldest masters. Pankova Tatyana Petrovna, an actress who played in the Small for more than half a century, was no exception.Tatyana Pankova, actress of the Maly Theater

Her admission to the troupe coincided with an interesting event for the theater. It was at this time that Nikolai Pogodin gave the play “The Creation of the World” to the Small. Tanya Pankova got the role of the “old woman” - Semenovna. She was recalled from the front office back to Moscow. The girl already knew that her parents died in besieged Leningrad. She was very hurt that her father and mother never saw their daughter on the big stage like that. And although the girl was incredibly hard on the soul, but she made a decision: you have to live and work.

On the stage of the Small Actress Pankova played more than a hundred roles.She provoked enthusiastic applause in the plays of Chekhov and Ostrovsky, Sukhovo-Kobylin, in many modern productions and even in children's fairy tales. Her performance has always been absolutely amazing. After all, the gloomy and ambitious Staritskaya of Ivan the Terrible and the sinister dodgy Matryona from Power of Darkness, the evil Boar of Thunderstorm and the old woman Tinker from Vanity Fair, closed Eloise from Mamura and crafty Evrois were not alike. “Kholopov” played by actress Tatyana Pankova. She played roles in the theater with amazing enthusiasm, leaving no one indifferent to her playing.

Theatrical Role

It was thanks to the Pogodin play Tatyana Pankova gained a "second wind". This is surprising, but the famous actress has never played on the scene of young heroines. Moreover, in her native theater she was called the “great old woman”. Pankov was often compared to the great Tamarina, who had already played adult characters since she was nineteen years old.

Movie roles

For the first time on the screen Tatiana Pankova, the viewer saw in 1944. It was the historical film “Ivan the Terrible”, where the actress played Euphrosyne Staritskaya.She had to wait ten years for the next tape. Only in 1954, Tatiana was invited to appear in the film “Anna on the neck”. There she acted as a dressmaker, who, simply carrying out the box with the dress, says only one inconspicuous phrase. For whatever reason, it was Pankova who was invited, the actress did not understand, considering that, apparently, someone advised her to the director. Brilliant Annensky, and it was he who wrote for her a small sketch of the fitting, which ended with only two short words, and then the second way out to make at least some tiny role from her episode.Pankova Tatyana Petrovna actress

After that, the director began to constantly invite Pankov. She starred in “Princess Mary”, “Birthday”, “Ekaterina Voronina”. Annensky loved this talented actress, calling her his “autograph”.

The most famous role

During her creative life, Tatyana Pankova appeared in very many movies. One of her most brilliant roles was the princess Annenkov from her beloved tape “Stars of Enchanting Happiness,” which was filmed by director V. Motyl. It was she who brought her the greatest fame. Pankova was literally in love with this page of Russian history and everything,which was connected with the heroes of the Decembrists ... The film crew was allowed to certain closed materials stored in the Leningrad Public Library. Tatyana Pankova sat there all day, studied documents, books and letters that were inaccessible for mass use.

Other no less famous works of the actress in the cinematographer were: Madame Storozhenko from the tape “Little Farm in the Steppe”, Nanette from “Eugenia Grande”, Louise Broneslavovna from “Sphinx”, Aunt Torkel from the picture “All Red”, aunt of the main character from “Impostors” and many others. All of them were incredibly colorful, interesting and, most importantly, loved, as the actress herself admitted.

Tatyana Pankova: personal life

For Boris Shlyapnikov, an actor in the BDT, she got married immediately after graduation. He and her elder brother served on the same ship and died with him.

Pankova’s second husband, Kostya Nazarov, began his career at the Maly Theater, but, unfortunately, he soon got drunk and was fired. Tatiana herself left him. For the third time, the actress was married to a graduate student of the conservatory Oleg Agarkov. She lived with him a long and fairly happy life.Her husband became a candidate of art history, a professor at the Gnessins Institute, the head of an opera studio, and a conductor of a chamber orchestra. He traveled a lot on tour. His students were revered for the happiness of taking to themselves many musical groups. In their home has always been classical music.

Interesting Facts

The actress loved to travel. She literally adored mountain tourism. She and her husband traveled almost all of Europe, were in Japan, in many cities of India, in China. Her erudition, as well as the generosity with which she shared her experience and knowledge, could be envied.Tatyana Pankova Awards

By her nature, the actress was a very active man. She, being a member of the Union of theatrical figures and at the same time deputy. The chairman of the social and household commission, with an irrepressible temperament, always got vouchers to a sanatorium, rare medicines, constantly visited sick comrades and veterans of the scene.


She was busy at the Maly Theater: she played, rehearsed, in her own way, continuing the traditions of this oldest Russian church, the Melpomene. And this is symbolic, because it was Tatyana Pankova who occupied the dressing room of the great Vera Pashennaya.The awards of this actress were so numerous that they did not fit on her breasts. People's Artist of the RSFSR received two orders "Badge of Honor", "For Services to the Fatherland", numerous medals, including "For the Defense of the Soviet Arctic", "For Valiant Labor" and many others.

With Tatyana Pankova it was always interesting and fun to communicate. Her numerous stories about the theater, her friends left no one indifferent. Interesting, but with age she began to play more and more comedic mischievous roles. For example, at eighty, the actress happily took on the character Atueva from the musical “Krechinsky's Wedding”. And although she had never tried herself in singing before, here she played with Vitaly Solomin with great humor.

Sunset talent

The oldest actress, “the great old woman” Tatyana Pankova died at the age of ninety-five years old on the ninth of July 2011. At the end of her life she was completely alone. The husband died, there were no children, and difficult relationships developed with relatives. The actress had to be quite difficult, because her pension was not enough for food and treatment.

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