Actress Olga Krasko: photos, filmography, biography, personal life

By the age of 36, actress Olga Krasko had time to light up in about 40 films and TV shows. “Turkish Gambit”, “Love under the cover”, “Time to collect stones”, “Sklifosovsky”, “Yesenin”, “Poirot Failure”, “Moscow Borzoi” are well-known film and television projects with her participation. What is the story of this talented girl?

Actress Olga Krasko: family, childhood

The star was born in Kharkov, it happened in November 1981. Actress Olga Krasko comes from a family that is far from the world of cinema. The first years of her life were spent in Kharkov. Olga grew up as an inquisitive, active, mobile child. One day, Krasko's parents decided that her energy should be sent to a useful course. The girl began to study in the rhythmic gymnastics section, attend a dance studio, sing in the choir.

Olga Krasko in childhood

The future actress Olga Krasko was already at school when her mother and father decided to move to Moscow. It did not take long for the sociable and active child to adapt in the capital.Soon after the move, the girl began to engage in the children's team "Hope". Its participants were taught theatrical speech, improved musical ability. They performed in hospitals and orphanages, sang and played at charity concerts.


By the time she left school, the future actress Olga Krasko no longer doubted what profession she wanted to tie her fate to. The desire to become an actress came to her thanks to Efim Steinberg, the mentor of the Nadezhda team. This talented teacher helped Olga to believe in her talent, convinced her that she had every chance to become famous. Krasko decided to make every effort to ensure that the beloved teacher was not disappointed in her. Looking ahead, it should be noted that she succeeded.

From the first attempt, the novice actress entered the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio, a huge competition did not interfere with it. The girl took Oleg Tabakov into his workshop, for which she is still grateful to fate. It was very interesting to dive into the secrets of the profession, so the student years passed quickly.


From the biography of Olga Krasko it follows that she became a graduate of the Moscow Art Theater School in 2002.Oleg Tabakov offered his student to join the “Tabakerki” creative team, and she readily accepted this offer.

photo by Olga Krasko

Olga Krasko played her first roles in the theater in the productions Long Christmas Dinner (Lenore), Dangerous Liaisons (Cecile Volange), Father (Berta). In these performances of the Tabakov Theater, the actress took part in her student years. After graduating from the Studio School she played in the productions “At the Bottom”, “Lovelace”, and “Biloxi Blues”. The level of mastery Krasko increased with each new image created, she was entrusted with more and more serious tasks. Special mention deserves the role of Irina in "Duck Hunt".

First roles

Biography of Olga Krasko indicates that for the first time she was on the set in her student years. The girl got her first role thanks to her mentor Oleg Tabakov. She created a vivid and memorable image in the series “Gendarme Story”.

Olga Krasko in the cinema

Then Krasko was offered, albeit a minor, but an interesting role in the Poirot Failure mini-series, presented to the audience court in 2002. The plot of the TV project is borrowed from the famous work of Agatha Christie “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”.Olga convincingly played Flora Ackroyd, the niece of the victim and one of the suspects in the crime.

Finest hour

In 2005, Olga Krasko’s filmography was replenished with the film “Turkish Gambit”. The plot of the film is taken from the work of Boris Akunin of the same name. Events unfold during the Russian-Turkish war. The desperate young lady, Barbara Suvorov, is secretly advancing into the disposition of Russian troops in order to meet her fiancé. On her way, a mysterious Serbian volunteer Erast Fandorin, who is investigating the case of espionage, arises. By the will of fate, Barbara becomes his assistant in this difficult task.

Olga Krasko

Interestingly, Boris Akunin himself, who was directly involved in the choice of actors, first rejected Olga's candidacy. However, later the writer admired the way the actress embodied the image of Barbara Suvorova. She perfectly managed to convey the strong-willed and strong character of her heroine, as well as her immediacy and purity of the soul. The film made an impression on thousands of viewers, and Krasko woke up famous. Her stars on the set were many stars, including Yegor Beroev, Alexander Baluev, Gosha Kutsenko, Vladimir Ilyin.

Film and television projects

Thanks to the participation in the film “Turkish Gambit”, Olga Krasko became the darling of directors. Her filmography began actively replenished.

Olga Krasko in the series "Territory"
  • "Dinner is served!".
  • "Time to collect stones."
  • "Hunting for Red Deer".
  • "Golden calf".
  • "Yesenin."
  • "Sign of fate".
  • "Paradox".
  • "We met strangely."
  • "Shoot immediately!"
  • "Attraction".
  • "First try".
  • "In the style of jazz."
  • "Love under cover".
  • "If the sky is silent."
  • "Discover, it's me."
  • "Night guest".
  • "Precinct."
  • "Sklifosovsky".
  • "Beauharnais effect".
  • "Mom will be against."
  • "Sherlock Holmes".
  • "Wolf Sun".
  • "Territory".
  • "Moscow Hound".
  • "Teachers".
  • "Men and women."

Marriage and Divorce

Of course, fans are not only interested in the creative achievements of their favorite stars? What happens in the personal life of Olga Krasko? Unfortunately, she does not belong to the artists who like to discuss this topic with journalists. In her interviews Olga prefers to talk about her creative activity.

Olga Krasko and her daughter

It is known that in 2006, Krasko became a mother. The newborn daughter the star called Olesya. The public wondered for a long time about who the girl’s father was. The actress herself refused to give his name.Only some time later, it turned out that Olga was secretly married to the director and actor Dmitry Petrun. This union did not last long; the birth of a daughter did not help strengthen it. Dmitry and Olga parted quietly and peacefully, there were no scandals associated with their divorce. Petrun is often seen with his daughter.

Second husband

Vadim Petrov, Olga Yu. Krasko’s second husband, has nothing to do with the world of dramatic art. The actress agreed to marry him a few years after parting with Dmitry Petrun. The news of this agitated the public after the lovers were married.

Olga Krasko and husband Vadim

In 2016, Krasko became a mother for the second time. She gave birth to a boy, whom it was decided to call Ostap in honor of the famous adventurer Ostap Bender. In 2017, Olga and Vadim had another son. The name of the boy's parents are kept secret.

What now

The younger children of Olga Krasko are still quite small. This is the main reason why the actress cannot yet devote enough time to her beloved work. This does not mean that she ever left the set. In 2018 a new TV project with the participation of the star “Turkish Gambit” is expected. It is known that in the series “The Game with Fire” Olga will embody the image of one of the key heroines.The television project tells the story of a loving father who makes every effort to cure his son from a rare disease.

Krasko's future plans are kept secret. The greatest importance for the actress is her family, not her career.

Interesting Facts

Olga is a famous actress whose personal life cannot but attract the attention of the public. The star is regularly credited with novels with famous representatives of the world of cinema and variety art. For example, there were rumors that Krasko is meeting with the director Dzhanik Fayziev, with whom they worked together on the "Turkish Gambit". For a while they were often seen together, but Olga insisted that they were exclusively friends with Janik. It remains a mystery whether the director and actress have really met.

Many people believe that Olga is related to Andrei Krasko. This actor was remembered by the audience thanks to the TV series "National Security Agent." In fact, colleagues are not only not related to each other. They are not even namesakes.

From time to time, actress Olga Krasko is confused with her colleague Maria Poroshina.This girl made herself known through the TV shows "Anna Herman" and "Always say" always. Two talented actresses are really similar, but they are not relatives either.

Olga is a person who can hardly be called public. The actress, unlike many of her colleagues, “has no promoted social network accounts. No big scandals are connected with her name. Krasko is convinced that her personal life should always remain behind the scenes. Fans should be interested only in the creative achievements of an idol.

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