Actress Anna Kovalchuk: biography

Anna Kovalchuk is one of the brightest and most beautiful Russian actresses. She decorates any film with her presence. Looking at this girl is always nice and interesting. We will talk about her life and career in this article.

Anna Kovalchuk Biography


Anna Kovalchuk, whose biography interests many, was born in 1977, June 15, in the city of Neustrelitz (Germany). The girl spent her early childhood with her parents in the GDR, after which she moved to Yerevan and only then to Moscow. Anya began to attend school in the city of Leningrad, where she mastered the exact sciences with particular success. Her favorite subject was mathematics. The family of the future actress was entirely composed of teachers, so it is not surprising that the girl studied well. Anya's mom worked as a head in kindergarten, and her grandfather worked as a school principal. From the theatrical bohemia, the Kovalchuk family was very far away. After receiving the certificate, the girl planned to enter the Polytechnic Institute and engage in cybernetics. Her abilities allowed to hope that in the future she would become a real computer genius. But the life of Anna suddenly began to evolve in a completely different scenario.

University admission

How did actress Anna Kovalchuk become? The girl's biography has changed by chance. She already gave documents to the Polytechnic Institute. However, a friend asked Anya to support her on the theater exams. The entrance exams to this university were held earlier than at the polytechnic, and Kovalchuk decided to try his luck. The competition was huge: 30 people in one place. However, the girl has already successfully completed the first round and decided on what she has achieved so far. Mom supported the future actress, and Anna decided to go further.

Anna Kovalchuk's husband


During her admission to the theatrical university, Kovalchuk met another applicant - Anatoly Ilchenko. Before the interview on cultural topics, the girl decided to consult with the most advanced, in her opinion, young men on the stream. Indeed, during preparation for admission, Anna focused on physics and mathematics and did not expect that she would have to answer questions about Pushkin’s cultural heritage or recent exhibitions and premieres. Anatoly began to enlighten the girl on cultural innovations and conquered her with his eloquence. Later, the lovers became fellow students, they were both enrolled in the workshop of A.A.Shvedersky. The couple began living together in a rented apartment, but in 1998, after graduation, fell apart. Anna Kovalchuk, whose biography is considered in this article, continued her life journey alone. However, her fate was very successful.

Becoming a career

While still a student, the actress began to play on the stage of the Lensovet theater. She was noticed by Gennady Trostyanetsky and invited to the comedy “The Imaginary Patient” based on the work of Moliere. The premiere just coincided with obtaining a diploma. Anna Kovalchuk, whose personal life has not yet taken shape, successfully debuted on stage, while her former lover, Anatoly, unsuccessfully tried to get into the Small Drama troupe. Then the novice actor went to Moscow and entered the service in the Theater in the South-West. The lovers broke up for a whole year and during that time they realized how hard it was for them to live without each other. Therefore, in 1999, on March 8, Anatoly made a decisive step - he sent Anya a gold ring. The actress instantly gathered in the capital, and the very first meeting of lovers ended with the decision to play the wedding. A few months later, Anna and Anatoly got married.

Anna Kovalchuk personal life


Then in the life of the spouses came the time of creative research. At first, Anna Kovalchuk's husband decided to leave the profession and open his own business. This helped him in-law. Dad actress after retirement went into the oil business and took on the work of son-in. However, the family business was not fascinated by Anatolia. He, without regret, traded him for an actor's craft: he was taken to the theater "Comedians". The artist even appeared several times on a movie screen. He managed to play small roles in the TV series "Secrets of the investigation" and "Gangster Petersburg." At this time, Kovalchuk Anna Leonidovna became the main actress of the Lensovet Theater. She trusted a variety of roles. She played the temperamental Angelica in "The Imaginary Patient," and the touching Brother Opossum in the play for children "The Brother Rabbit in the Wild West", and the quivering daughter staged by "Jacques and his master." The pinnacle of the theatrical career of the actress at that time was the role of Lilith in Bed for Three, based on the play by Pavic Milorad.

Masha Shevtsova

Actress Anna Kovalchuk made her film debut in 1999. She appeared in the film "Love is evil," directed by Vladimir Zaykin. However, she won national love after she embodied the image of investigator Masha Shevtsova on the screen. To get this role, Anna had to go to the trick.According to the script, the heroine has already turned 30 years old, the actress had to gossip and inform the director that she was 29. The tests went well, and Anna Kovalchuk was appointed as the leading actress. The girl’s biography has since been subject to harsh working conditions in a multiseries film. To get used to the image was not easy. Anya was not only much younger, but also much more cheerful than her heroine. However, the actress managed to translate on screen a fair, feminine, honest and strict image of an incorruptible and principled investigator.

Kovalchuk Anna Leonidovna

Birth of a child

From now on, Anna Kovalchuk obeyed a rigid schedule of filming. The personal life of the actress has also gained momentum. After the first series filmed, it suddenly became clear that the actress was pregnant. The filmmakers decided not to hide this fact from the audience and allowed the main character to find herself in an interesting position. And the director even managed to persuade the actress to give birth almost in the frame. The shooting was very delicate, even Anna Kovalchuk's husband was pleased with the result. A newborn girl from the first minutes of his life became an actress. She was called Zlata. Until now, she appears from time to time on the show.


Kovalchuk Anna Leonidovna more than anything else was afraid to become a hostage of one image. In the theater she was accompanied by continued success, whereas in the cinema she remained for many years only Masha Shevtsova. The girl was waiting for interesting proposals, and she was lucky again: the director Vladimir Bortko invited her to play the role of Margarita in the film version of the famous Bulgakov novel. The actress gladly took on this difficult role. She, however, had to overcome the fear of rumors of evil spirits that went around the novel. And now Anna Kovalchuk is associated with Bulgakov's Margaret.

actress Anna Kovalchuk

Personal life

The career of the actress was at the very peak, when the press reported that Anna Kovalchuk was getting divorced. The biography of the girl was marked by this event in 2005, immediately after the end of filming in The Master and Margarita. The actress claims that there is nothing supernatural in the fact that her family has broken up, no. Just the relationship of the spouses finally went wrong. After the divorce, Anna began to meet with businessman Oleg Kapustin and in 2007 she married him. And in 2010, the couple had their first child - a son named Dobrynya.

Now you know how actress Anna Kovalchuk managed to become successful and popular. I would like to wish her new significant roles in the cinema and theater.

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