Actor John Corbett: biography, filmography and interesting facts

The film “My Big Greek Wedding” and the series “Sex and the City” are well known to the Russian audience. Thanks to them, American actor John Corbett has won tens of thousands of fans in our country. However, the details of his biography know only a few, so many will be interested in this article.

 John Corbett


John Joseph Corbett was born in 1961 in the United States, in the town of Wheeling. He grew up in a poor neighborhood on the banks of the Ohio River. His father left the family early, and the boy was brought up by his mother Sandy Corbett, who worked as a waitress in the music club of her uncle. The woman was from a family of Jews who emigrated from Russia. However, John Corbett grew up in the bosom of a Christian church and in 1979 he graduated from the Central Catholic High School of Wiling. At the age of 7, the boy played the guitar quite well, and at 16 he worked as a security guard in the Capitol music hall.

Beginning of adult life

After graduating from school, John Corbett, like many other teenagers from poor families, decided to leave his town and move to California in search of a better life. Good luck to him smiled not immediately, and the young man could hardly get a job as a boilermaker at a steel mill. At the same time, John did not lose hope of breaking out into people. To do this, he studied for a whole year in absentia to pass the exams for the post of deputy sheriff of the Los Angeles District. However, the job went to another candidate.

After six years of hard work, the young man suffered a back injury and was forced to resign from the factory. Deciding to continue his education, he entered Cerritos College in Norwalk, where he took acting classes. There was not enough money to live on, and in parallel with his studies, John Corbett also studied hairdressing. As a result, in 1986 he received a license, and soon he was invited to play for Samsung advertising. In the next 3 years, a handsome young man who has already received an actor's diploma, appeared in 50 national videos for various famous brands.

John corbett movies

Beginning of a career in television

In 1988, Corbett, whose face was already well known to Americans through advertising, was invited to work on television.His acting debut was a small role in the teenage series “Wonderful Years”. The experience was a success, and the actor was even nominated for an Emmy. After 2 years, the young man played the role of handsome Chris Stevens in the TV series “The North Side”. John Corbett, whose height is 196 cm, immediately won the hearts of American women and attracted the attention of directors. This series has twice received the prestigious Golden Globe Award, and was also awarded an Emmy Award.

Movie debut

In 1991, John was first invited to play in a movie. His debut film was the action movie "Flight of the" Intruder ", directed by John Milius. Next, two-meter handsome, he wanted to see the main character of his western "Tombstone" George Pan Kosmatos. Then there was a break, during which the actor worked in television. It ended in 1997, with the release of the dramatic thriller Mick Jackson's "Volcano", in which John again acted as the main character. A few months later, viewers saw the actor on the screen in the television fiction film “The Chronicle of Osiris,” directed by Joe Dante.

John Corbett and his wife

"Sex and the City"

This TV project did not leave the screens of Americans for 6 seasons. A total of 94 episodes were filmed.In 22 of them, boyfriend Carrie Bradshaw performed by Sarah Jessica Parker played by John Corbett. His character Aidan is a furniture retailer and tries to take the place of the “dream man” of the heroine in her heart. The actor was engaged in this television project from 2001 to 2002 and was nominated for a Golden Globe award.

"My big Greek wedding"

This picture has become very popular all over the world, and was also nominated in 2002 for an Oscar for the best script.

The film tells about a girl from a family of Greek émigrés, who was born in the USA and lives in Chicago along with numerous relatives. They are trying to find Thule a worthy husband, who, in their view, must be a Greek. However, the girl falls in love with Ian, whose role is played by John Corbett. Although Tula's parents do not like it, they agree to marry their daughter. As a result, poor Ian has to learn the customs of the Greeks and get used to their everyday habits, so unlike the behavior of Americans in similar situations.

John Corbett personal life

"I hate Valentine's Day"

This is another successful work of Corbett, which was again marked by collaboration with the director Nia Vardalos.In the picture, the actor got the role of Greg Gatlin, who manages to get his girlfriend to break the rule of 5 dates she had invented.

John Corbett: Movies (since 2010)

In recent years, the actor has appeared in 10 films and TV shows. Among them:

  • "Ramona and Beezus".
  • November Christmas.
  • "Parents".
  • "Ricochet".
  • "A smile the size of the moon."
  • "Kiss Me".
  • "External similarity."
  • "My dead guy."
  • "Sex, drugs, rock and roll."
  • "Fan".

Other interests

John Corbett, whose films you already know, voiced several cartoon and science fiction films, such as The Griffin and the Minor Canon (directed by Bill Bleker), “Journey to the Moon 3D”, etc. In addition, the actor writes and performs country-style songs . In 2006, he even released the solo album Good To Go, which, as he jokes, is his firstborn son. Other interests of Corbett include baseball and basketball, which help him keep himself in excellent physical shape.

John Corbett: personal life

For many years, the actor in all interviews noted that he was not going to ever get married and have children.

At the moment, John Corbett lives in Seattle, where he has his own restaurant, and also spends a lot of time on the real cowboy ranch he had dreamed of since childhood.Since 2002, he has been accompanied everywhere by the famous fashion model and actress Bo Derek.

John Corbett rise

John Corbett and his wife (civilian) are happy to care for two dogs, 4 horses and a donkey. The couple has no children, and probably will not be.

Now you know in what pictures the actor John Corbett starred and who is the woman who shares all his interests and does not insist on legalizing relationships that have been going on for more than 15 years.

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