Actor Dmitry Blazhko: biography and creativity

Our today's hero is a talented and attractive guy Dmitry Blazhko. He began to build his acting career several years ago, and more than 50 film roles have already been collected in his creative piggy bank. Would you like to receive current and truthful information about him? We are happy to tell about everything.Dmitry Blazhko

Childhood and youth

Dmitry Blazhko (see photo above) was born in 1989, September 14th. His hometown is Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). He was raised in an ordinary family.

From an early age, our hero showed creative abilities. He liked to draw, dance and parody Russian pop stars. In school, he was actively involved in sports. Most of all, Dima was attracted by acrobatics. It was this sport that brought the boy to a local circus. Professionals immediately appreciated his natural flexibility and sense of rhythm. For several years he performed on the circus stage as an acrobat juggler. Dima gave the salary to his mother.

Once a favorite circus went on a world tour. Our hero then studied in grade 9. He wanted to go along with the team, to see other countries and show his talents to the foreign public. But parents quickly cooled the fervor of the novice artist. They forbade his son to go on tour. After that, his circus career ended.


At the family council, it was decided that at the end of high school Dima would go to the medical lyceum for them. Pavlova. And our hero did not argue with his father and mother. In 2006, he received a medical degree. However, the profession of a doctor did not attract him at all.

Ever since childhood, Blazhko (junior) dreamed about acting career. Having fulfilled the request of the parents, the guy decided to start realizing his dream. He managed to enter SPST at the first attempt. He was enrolled in the acting course of V. Norenko.

Dmitry Blazhko: movies and TV shows

Film debut of the young actor took place in 2009. He appeared in one of the episodes of the military adventure tape "When the snow melted."

In the period from 2009 to 2011, Dmitry Blazhko starred in two dozen films, among which were TV shows and full-length films.For example, in the sitcom "Interns" on TNT (2011), he got used to the image of a patient who is fond of photography. And in the mystical drama "The Color of Flame" was played by Basil.

For several years, our hero had to live in two cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 2011, a young man graduated from SPSAT. Immediately after receiving a diploma, he moved to Moscow. Parents understood and approved his choice.Dmitry Blazhko filmography

All-Russian fame Dmitry Blazhko acquired in 2012. It happened after the release of the criminal series Karpov (NTV) on the country's screens. The main male role went to Vladislav Kotlyarsky. The character of Dima is a young and temperamental operative Sasha Stepnov. In the story, he is a friend and accomplice of Karpov.

The ratings of the series just rolls over. Producers and directors decided to shoot the second and third seasons. In each episode, the former Lieutenant Colonel Stas Karpov and his friends face dangerous and exciting adventures. On the set, Blazhko made friends with such actors as Nikolai Kozak, Maxim Schegolev and Stepan Rozhnov.

After the success in Karpov, the directors and producers literally began to flood our hero with offers of cooperation. But the guy agreed not to all the roles.Dmitry Blazhko films

The following are his most interesting film works for 2012-2015:

  • ironic detective "Tail" (2012) - Alexander;
  • Russian TV series "Balabol" (2013) - Roman;
  • The melodrama “Till Death Is Beautiful” (2013) - Lev, the bridegroom of one of the heroines;
  • crime-detective series "Forester" (2013) - Stanislav Sherstobitov;
  • sitcom “Real boys” on TNT (2013) - Oleg Rio;
  • Ukrainian melodrama “Tablet of Tears” (2014) - Roma (main character);
  • series “Violation of the Rules" (2015) - Gennady.

Film career continuation

In 2016, Dmitry Blazhko starred in four films - the melodrama “You Can Call Me Dad” (Maxim), the comedy “All About Men” (episode), the detective story “Companions” (Tamara's lover) and the TV series “From Siberia with love” (Nikita Basov ).

That's not all. In 2017, fans will be able to see their idol in the historical drama “Grapes of Grapes”. He got the role of Trofim Portnov. The film also involved Angelica Volskaya, Gostyukhin Vladimir, Sidikhin Eugene and other popular artists.Dmitry Blazhko and his wife photo

Personal life

“Dmitri Blazhko and his wife”, - photos with this signature often appear on the web. But these are just joint photos with colleagues in the workshop (beginners and famous actresses).

Career of our hero develops quite successfully. But his personal life is not yet arranged.Dmitry does not impose special requirements on his future darling. The heart of the actor will be able to conquer a nice, kind, educated and economic girl.

Interesting Facts

  • In his free time, he is engaged in fencing and martial arts.
  • Our hero independently mastered such a musical instrument as a guitar.
  • On the set, Dima does not use the services of stuntmen and stand-ins. He performs all the dangerous stunts himself. Here he gained skills acquired in the circus.Dmitry Blazhko photo
  • Blazhko loves to travel. A month ago, he returned from London, where he managed to explore the sights, ride a bike and eat tasty meals in local restaurants.
  • The actor is an active user of the Internet. He has his own pages on Instagram and Twitter.


Now you know where Dmitry Blazhko was born and trained. Filmographyand the personal life of the actor was also reviewed by us. It only remains to wish this wonderful guy true love!

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