Actor Bogatyrev Yuri Georgievich: biography, personal life and interesting facts

There are many great actors who are destined to play one role all their lives. Yury Bogatyrev was not among them. He created on the screen completely different, unlike each other images. Actors with such a multifaceted talent in the world cinema unit.

But a rare talent did not bring him happiness. He remained forever "a stranger among his" and experienced it very hard. The actor worked for wear, not sparing himself, and stress, like many of his colleagues, shot alcohol. Yuri Bogatyrev died before his 42th birthday.

Yuri Bogatyrev Theater


Yuri Bogatyrev was a born actor. As a child, he dreamed of a stage and, of course, participated in amateur school activities. But besides Mummery there was another passion in his life - painting. Drawing future actor, the son of a military man, indulged in every free minute. After graduation, he entered the art-industrial school.But he studied only a couple of years, and then applied to the theater.

He did not stop drawing, even becoming an actor. Yuri Bogatyrev could not rest. Tired of the performances and filming, he took the brush in his hands and entered a certain detached state in which he could remain for several days. The actor did not collect his paintings - he generously gave away to friends.

Bogatyrev painted portraits of friends, literary heroes whom he played on stage or dreamed of playing.

In early 1989, Yuri Bogatyrev was preparing for an exhibition of his own paintings. He phoned friends, shared his joy. The exhibition was to be held on February 3. But this did not happen. Fans of the talent of Yuri Bogatyrev were able to see the pictures of the actor only after his death.

Painting by Yuri Bogatyryov


Konstantin Raikin, Natalya Gundareva, Natalya Varley studied in the same course at the Shchukin School with Yury Bogatyrev. But even against the background of these talented students, he stood out favorably from the first days of his studies.

He had a great voice. Already in the first year Bogatyrev showed rare abilities to reincarnate. From 1966 to 1971, he was one of the best students of the legendary Pike.

Yuri Bogatyrev


After graduation, Bogatyrev was accepted into Sovremennik. Despite the successes in the Shchukin School, in the theater he had to wait a very long time for the main roles. The first years he appeared on the scene just a few minutes in the form of a butler or waiter.

Yuri Bogatyrev was a kind, open man. He had excellent relations with the chief director of Sovremennik Galina Volchek. He admired her talent, tried in every way to please her. People who knew Bogatyreva badly saw only self-interest in this, a desire to get a good part with the help of flattery and helpfulness.

But there was no calculation. Bogatyrev was ready for anything for the sake of the person he likes.

Over time, he began to receive significant roles, although not the main ones. One of the most striking is the role of Lopakhin in the play The Cherry Orchard. In "Sovremennik" Bogatyrev worked for six years, then went to the Moscow Art Theater.

Film debut

In 1970, the movie Calm Day at the End of the War was released. It was a thesis work of the young director Nikita Mikhalkov, who in his subsequent films shot Yuri Bogatyrev.

Star role

Four years later, he invited the actor to play the main role in the film “Among Strangers, a Stranger among His Own”.

In order to conform to the image of Shilov, Bogatyrev lost almost 20 kg.For him it was a real feat. The actor loved a feast, a tasty meal, and food restrictions for him were a real meal.

Bogatyrev Raikin

For the role in this film, Bogatyrev not only lost weight, but also made a number of other feats. So, he learned to ride in just two days. The director at the beginning of filming, having learned that he had never dealt with horses before, was frightened. The actor had to ride on mountainous bumpy roads. What was his surprise when he saw Yuri Bogatyryov on a horse. He behaved as if born in the saddle.

This role was not easy for him. On the set, it turned out that the actor does not even know how to properly hold a fist during a fight. Throughout his life, Yuri Bogatyrev never hit a man.

He, a thin and vulnerable man, oddly enough, managed to perfectly get into the image of tough Shilov. He further surprised the directors and colleagues with the extraordinary ability to reincarnate.

Bogatyrev among strangers

Other films with Yuri Bogatyrev

In "Two Captains," he played a notorious scoundrel. In the film on "Oblomov" - the pragmatic Stolz. In 1981, he played a small but memorable role in Rodn - this time he appeared on the screen in the form of an irritable man, dejected by family problems.

By the early eighties, Bogatyrev became one of the most sought-after Soviet actors.Mikhalkov called him his talisman. In the record of the actor role in such films as "Slave of Love", "Nose", "Expression of Love", "Dead Souls", "Black Eyes" The last picture with the participation of Yuri Bogatyryov - "Don Cesar de Bazan."

Bogatyrev in the role of stolz


Before getting a tiny room in a communal flat, Bogatyrev wandered through strange flats for many years. He often visited his friend Konstantin Raikin and even with time began to be considered almost a member of a famous family.

And then fame came to him and envious people appeared. Bogatyrev was involved in many performances. He starred a lot, and therefore, he earned well.

The actor earned money really well in those days, but the money instantly scattered. He, like the hero of the Oscar-winning film Menshov, was a good guy with whom everyone wanted to drink. Drink at his expense.

There was always a lot of people in his house. Among the guests of Bogatyryov were not only friends and people related to the theater or the cinema. Often completely random acquaintances who used his reliability and kindness came here. They came to him in the middle of the night, they woke him up.Bogatyrev paid them a taxi, and then until the morning he was served with strong drinks.

Uninvited guests did not care that the actor had a difficult shooting the next day or a rehearsal in the theater. He was a shirt-boyfriend for everyone, but not all of his so-called friends knew how to appreciate kindness.

Declaration of love

Women in the life of Bogatyryov

It turned out that, being surrounded by colleagues, friends or casual acquaintances, he was very lonely. Bogatyrev often fell in love, but the love for women was, as a rule, platonic. He admired the actresses with whom he played on the same stage. For some time he was seriously fascinated by the singer Elena Kamburova. But he was not going to marry.

Once the actor said: "For a family, I do not have enough time and energy." However, once Yury Bogatyrev nevertheless got married.

Nadezhda Serova

That was the name of the actress that few people remember today. For several years she lived with Yury Bogatyrev in a communal apartment. Hope was a single mother. Once I found myself in an almost hopeless situation. Serov lost her Moscow residence permit, for which, according to the laws of that time, she could be evicted from the capital. Bogatyrev and offered her hand and heart. However, it was a sham marriage.At this step, the actor went to help Nadezhda.

Divorce, they have not issued. After the death of the actor Serov was officially considered his widow.

Many facts from the biography and personal life of Yuri Bogatyrev are known from the words of his colleagues. However, in the memories of people who knew the actor, a lot of contradictions. Bogatyryova’s fictitious wife claimed that it was not only her friendship that connected her to him. According to the memoirs of one of the familiar actor, Yuri Georgievich never had any love affairs with women.

The secret life of Yuri Bogatyryov

Personal experiences of the actor, as has already been said, drowned out in alcohol. But why was he so tormented? In one of the interviews, Alexander Adabashyan, a close friend of Bogatyrev, said that he suffered from his dissimilarity to others. The actor and screenwriter had in mind unconventional sexual orientation. Yuri Bogatyrev allegedly realized that he was not interested in women, already being a mature man.

Adabashyan's words spawned many rumors about a famous actor. Representatives of the yellow press with pleasure began to add "fried" facts to the biography of Yuri Bogatyrev. The actor fell into the category of "hidden gays of the Soviet period."It should be said that there is no evidence of Yury Bogatyrev’s gay. About his men nothing is known. This is just speculation.

Today's stars expose their personal lives for all to see. Then it was different. Even if Bogatyrev lived in our time, he would hardly have talked about his passions in an interview. He was a very closed man, despite many friends.

In the Soviet Criminal Code was an article for sodomy. Representatives of gay life was very hard to live, and only the most courageous spoke about their predilections. Bogatyrev was not one of those who challenged society.

However, there is another interesting fact from the biography of Yuri Bogatyrev. On personal experiences, he did not spread, but it is known that in recent years he had a relationship with a woman named Clarissa Stolyarova. She treated him with maternal care. Watched over his health, calmed after failures in the theater. How close their relationship was is unknown.

Yuri Bogatyrev Clarissa carpenters


Yuri Bogatyrev was suffering from all sorts of failures in the professional field. So, it became a heavy blow for him when Oleg Efremov deprived him of the main role in the play, for which he had been preparing for several months.

Bogatyrev sought salvation in alcohol.But alcohol not only did not help, but, on the contrary, drove into an even deeper depression. In a drunken stupor, the actor uttered words that he later regretted. And again, an intolerable blues, from which saves only wine. For a while...

He often spoke of death, and he uttered these terrible words calmly and even casually. While still a student, he told his friend Konstantin Raikin: "I know that I will die early."

He had a presentiment of his departure and was even preparing for it. One of his friends gave the picture, which he called - the deathbed. This craving for self-destruction was impossible to stop. The actor is addicted to antidepressants, consumed them in combination with alcohol.

Yury Bogatyryov’s heart stopped on February 2, 1989. Until the 42nd birthday only a month remained.

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