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So, we should talk about such an unusual drink, like absinthe. The composition is the first, how it differs from the rest. It was not without reason that healing properties were attributed to absinthe since ancient times, considering the first green liquid to be a cure for many ailments, and then to addicts, which could cause hallucinations.

Absinthe composition

Drink history

There is information about absinthe, dating back to the far XVI century BC! Then, in ancient Egypt, they made a drink made of flowers and leaves of wormwood, previously soaked in alcohol. Sometimes it was replaced with wine. Absinthe was used to treat various ailments, and it really helped. But the name of the drink, most likely, comes from the ancient Greek word “apsinthion”. Interestingly, in translation it means "unfit for drinking." Probably, this drink was considered as such because of its taste. In ancient Greece, absinthe was used as a medicine for infertility, rheumatism, female pain, anemia and jaundice.By the way, this drink was given to drink to the winner of the chariot races. Why absinthe, and not wine? The whole thing is in its bitter taste - the victor was thus to feel the “bitterness” of glory.


Today, theoretically, anyone can cook absinthe - its composition is not a secret. In general, it is believed that this drink is an ordinary tincture made on the basis of bitter wormwood and alcohol. However, everything is much more complicated, and more ingredients. Well-known manufacturers add more lemon balm, anise, fennel extracts and other herbs in the form of herbs. But if we talk about the recipe for absinthe, then the “starting” composition of the products looks like this: high-grade ethyl alcohol, bitter wormwood and herbs (this could be calamus, fennel, chamomile, anise, coriander, licorice, dagil and even parsley). All the listed ingredients can be easily bought in pharmacies or in stores, the main thing is to purchase quality products and not add anything that could not be combined with wormwood and alcohol.

Absinthe recipe

Modern production

Nowadays, absinthe, the composition of which is known to every person who is interested in the manufacture of alcohol, is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world.It is produced almost everywhere - in the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany, the Czech Republic. And everywhere they produce completely different drinks. For example, in France, wormwood is not used - it is replaced by bergenia. The strongest absinthe can be tasted in the Czech Republic - the thujone content is the highest. Next on the fortress are Swiss drinks. And already then - German and Spanish. If we compare it with Czech absinthe, in which the thujone content is about 100 mg / kg, then in these it is only 30 mg / kg - almost three and a half times less. However, it should be noted, and the first and second dose is safe for human health (of course, if you do not drink absinthe bottles, because everything must be a measure). After all, before this drink from such substances as monoterpin and thujone, they did not clean it at all.

 absinthe composition effect on the body

Hallucination myth

As it was already possible to understand, absinthe is a drink with a very interesting composition. And, continuing the topic of the content in it of such a substance as thujone, I would like to talk about the properties of the “green fairy”, as it is also called. So, first of all it is necessary to note the strength of absinthe - it is at least 55% of revolutions.The maximum rate can reach 85%. But the fortress does not affect hallucinations. The thing is monoterpin and thujone - these are substances that are similar in structure to narcotic ones, but this is only an assumption that has not been scientifically proven. Especially today from these substances the drink is cleaned at the production stage. But, as they say, from scratch rumors do not grow. In the 50s of the distant 19th century, the sober people were very concerned about the large use of absinthe by other people. It has been observed that the persistent and excessive abuse of this drink causes anxiety and hallucinations. There was even one tragic incident in 1905 - one Swiss farmer, having drunk absinthe, shot his family. This incident covered all the media, and then even a term such as “absenteeism” appeared, meaning dependence on this drink.

Absinthe reviews

Types of absinthe

Many people mistakenly believe that it can be extremely green. However, this is not the case - today there are about hundreds of different brands. Most of them are available in very limited quantities. Therefore, you should talk about the most common. Absinthe green is a classic option.This is the natural color of this drink, and it was mentioned earlier. There is also a yellow version. An example of such absinthe could be the Czech “King of Spirits”. The producers themselves say that this is the best drink of this class in the world. And the most expensive. It is made entirely by hand, using exclusive technology. There is also red absinthe - usually pomegranate extract is added to it, which determines its color. And, finally, the most extravagant - black absinthe. For its production is not used inflorescences and leaves of wormwood, and its roots. Also added to the composition is an infusion of black acacia - it also helps to shade the drink.

Absinthe drink

How to make a drink

Many people want to cook it at home. To get the desired result, it is necessary to strictly observe the recipe for absinthe. It is worth remembering that distillation requires equipment and appropriate conditions, plus (preferably) experience. If all this is - you can proceed. For the preparation of Swiss absinthe from Montpellier, you will need two kilograms of bitter dried wormwood (be sure to separate from the stalks), six kilograms of anise, 4 kg of fennel, 1 kg of coriander, 0.5 kg of nyagillous seeds and 95 liters of high-quality alcohol used for making alcohol.For convenience, these proportions are indicated per hundred liters of finished absinthe (the necessary for preparing one liter can be calculated on the basis of the given data). Plant substances should be soaked in food alcohol, then add a little water and overtake everything in the distiller. This should be done until such time as there is no liquid. To color the future drink, you need to take 10 grams of Roman wormwood (peeled and dried), the same amount of hyssop and half a teaspoon of lemon balm. All this is placed in a steam bath or colorator with distillate. The mixture should heat to 50 degrees. After that, the liquid must be cooled and poured through the filter. After that, the solutions are combined and diluted with water to obtain 74% of the revolutions. That's what absinthe do. The composition - the most important thing, you need to comply with it, then it will turn out to make the right drink. It is worth remembering that absinthe should be allowed to stand for - 1-2 months.

How to drink absinthe

Absinthe reviews from people who have tried it, gets quite diverse, but in general they are positive. In any case, lovers of strong drinks come to his delight. Recently, drinks made with the addition of absinthe have become popular. The success is the so-called "extreme cocktails". They literally “blow their heads off.”This is understandable, because the combination of champagne, absinthe and grenadine can not affect a person otherwise. If you want to enjoy the drink in the “classic” way, then you need to pour a little absinthe into the glass, put a spoon with a piece of sugar on the edge of the glass (there are special ones with holes), and then start pouring thin water on the sugar in a thin stream. The best ratio for such a cocktail is 1: 5 (absinthe to water). Sometimes fresh lime juice or lemon is added to the drink.

Absinthe green

Absinthe effect

And finally, we should talk about how a drink such as absinthe affects a person. The composition of the effect on the body has a very interesting. First, after drinking absinthe a person begins to see worse - everything becomes somewhat blurred. Secondly, there is a softness in the body, sometimes, if you drink too much, a person can not even control his movements. However, what is most interesting, while he does not feel drunk, while maintaining a rather sober mind. Although some, this drink, on the contrary, causes a surge of strength.

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