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Actress Annabelle Wallis could be familiar to many thanks to the TV series "Tudors" and "Sharp Visors". Indeed, the roles in these series have become significant in her creative life. But besides this, she starred in many other films, where she played at the highest level. Everything in more detail. Consider the biography of Annabelle Wallis.

Annabelle Wallis


Annabelle was born on September 5, 1984 in the UK (Oxford) in a creative family. Both on her father’s side and on her mother’s side, she has relatives who have already had experience in filming and gained popularity, which naturally could not but influence the choice of the actress. We all know Richard Haris, who played Albrus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series. So, he is a relative of Annabelle Wallis!

Oxford, UK


As for childhood, because of the service of her parents, they were forced to live abroad. Therefore, Annabelle spent little time in her hometown, Oxford. For the same reason, she entered the school not in Great Britain, but in Portugal. But it played an important role in her life.The fact is that she entered the Lyceum of St. Dominic. There, children of different nationalities studied, at breaks she often had to hear children speak different languages: Spanish, French, German. Thanks to this, she learned to imitate different accents, which helped her in her career as an actress. It is for this reason that we can assume that just the same training, although not in the UK, played an important role in her life.

Career in cinematography

The desire to star in films from Annabelle Wallis originated in childhood. In addition, relatives worked in this area. In general, in the early 2000s, she returned to the UK, but not to Oxford, but to London. There she enters acting school. Without losing a lot of time, the girl immediately begins to act in films. Although the roles of Annabelle Wallis in the films were small, but it helped her a lot, because she had to work with famous actors who have a lot of experience.

Annabelle Wallis career

In 2005 she travels to India. Filmed in Hollywood in the film "As the heart tells." After that, it is removed in some smaller projects. In 2007 he took part in the filming of the film about the last days of Princess Diana in Paris.In the late 2000s, she already had a lot of experience, so she is still in some films.

The year 2009 is becoming very important for Annabelle Wallis. This is due to the fact that she is casting for the role of Jane Seymour in the Irish TV series "The Tudors". Participation in this project and gives it a special fame and popularity. By the way, then Annabelle replaced actress Anita Briem, who had already starred in the series in the first season. Due to the fact that the actress is changing, you have to re-shoot the episodes with the participation of Jane Seymour. By the way, the director then was Michael Hearst.

In 2010, Annabelle Wallis gets the lead role. She plays Dorel in the film "The Lost Future". The director of this picture was Mikael Salomon. In the same year, she plays a major role in the action film "Strike Back".

2013 becomes for Annabelle Wallis also significant in her career as an actress. She starred in the series, which is ordered for the channel BBC - "Sharp Visors". This is a kind of "gangster" TV series. The point is not only that the shooting in this picture gives great fame, but also that she works there with famous British actors such as Tom Hardy, Sam Neill, Cillian Murphy.She played in this picture of an undercover agent.

And at the same time another important event occurred in the life of Annabelle Wallis. She had plastic surgery and changed the shape of her nose. Of course, the fans of the actress simply could not pay attention to it. By the way, I want to note that the operation was made between the shooting of the series. For example, in season 1 you can see a small crook, and in season 2 it is already gone - a perfectly smooth nose.

In 2014, the actress is invited to star in the title role. The film was called The Curse of Annabel. Directly fits under her name. The film turned out to be popular and collected at the box office in the US 74,127,000 dollars. And the budget of the picture was only 6.5 million. In the same year, the actress is shot in two more small projects from the BBC channel.

Personal life

Little is known about Annabelle Wallis’s personal life. For a long time she led a closed lifestyle. But Annabelle is an active user of the Internet.

Annabelle Wallis with Chris Martin

In her Instagram profile over 100 thousand subscribers. She goes there with moments from filming, her outfits and more. Also, the actress works as a model, sometimes you can see her on the covers of famous magazines.

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