The writing on the theme of "First Snow". Examples

The writing on the subject “First Snow” in the 4th grade is an integral part of the school curriculum. In some educational institutions, you just need to write a regular essay-description about the first snow, and in others - according to the picture of Plastov of the same name. In this publication we consider the features of each of these works and give examples to consolidate the material studied.

essay on the first snow

Writing description

The writing on the subject “First Snow” can be written in different ways. As an example, we give two of the most common:

  1. The student says that the first snow always comes suddenly. Then he describes how the streets of the city change, and the world as a whole. And at the end expresses its attitude to the first snow (like, waiting for a long time, always happy, nostalgia, etc.).
  2. Very often, the essay on the topic "First Snow" authors endow with festive motifs. Here, the weather phenomenon is a harbinger of a miracle and long-awaited New Year holidays. From the description of the changed city, the author smoothly proceeds to the description of people who are beginning to prepare for the New Year and Christmas. The story ends similarly to the first version.

As an example, an essay on the theme “First Snow” is to cite the text written by the first method.

an essay on the subject of the first snow 4 class

"First snow"

The first snowflakes appear when no one is waiting for them. They quietly fall to the ground and quickly begin to weave their wedding outfit. Every year this is how a real winter sonata begins - a time when black becomes white and anything can happen.

The first snow changes everything around. He removes greyness and street dirt from the world, giving sparkling purity in return. Especially changing rural landscape. There are not so many people and cars, as in the city, so all the delights of the first snow remain intact for a very long time. The earth is covered with a white shroud; it is especially beautiful on sunny days when bright rays sparkle on the bends of large snowflakes. Houses and trees are exposed in white coats and seem to freeze, falling into a deep sleep.

In urban landscapes, too, has its charms. The first snow fascinates passers-by, hiding from sight the traces of dull everyday life. But they quickly forget about him, because time does not wait for anyone and it is necessary to hurry about his business. Only the reflections of street lamps pave the way for the first snow to its final stop - frozen ground.

essay on the picture the first snow

And if you add a picture

As already mentioned, the school program says an essay on the theme “First Snow” in the picture. According to unwritten rules, the artwork of Plastov is always subject to description.

To write an essay on a picture, you must:

  1. Specify the year of creation of the work and its author.
  2. Describe everything on canvas in free form.
  3. In the final part, you can write what feelings causes the image on the canvas.

But first we should study in detail what is painted on the picture of Plastov. The writing on the subject “First snow” on a given topic should be succinct, concise, focus on the main details.

Writing on the picture

Alexander Arkadievich Plastov - a famous painter of the early 20th century. His creations were distinguished by a warm and disinterested love for the Motherland, its nature and the people who live here. And the picture "The First Snow" was no exception. The author wrote it in 1946, the main characters of this work were the children of war. They have already managed to survive a lot, but still have not forgotten how to enjoy life.

an essay on the subject of the picture of the first snow

On this canvas, the artist painted the first day of winter, which had just begun to occupy its pedestal and spread out a white fluffy blanket around it. Old wooden house, near which grows birch. A few more houses can be seen in the distance.Apparently, it happens in the village. There are children, a boy and a girl standing on the porch, and they are staring into the sky at the silver snowflakes flying past. Apparently, they were in such a hurry outside that they completely forgot about the cold. Especially the girl. She ran out on the porch in a light dress and a bright scarf, which, obviously, was the first thing that came to hand. The boots on her legs are also not the size, but the girl is not interested. She looks at the snow with admiration and delight. The wide-open joyful eyes rushed to the bottomless firmament, and it seems that for a moment everything around has disappeared for the girl. Only she and the fluffy snow remained, which came quite suddenly.

The background of the painting is incredibly light, and the colors are warm and bright. It seems that not only children are delighted with the first snow, but also the whole world around them.

The writing on the subject “First Snow”, regardless of the specifics of the assignment, is easy to write, because this topic is understandable and familiar to everyone.

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