A diplomat is a peaceful warrior of his country.

“The meeting was held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere,” as the news channels usually comment on the results of any negotiations, usually extremely difficult and problematic. The main face of such events - a diplomat. This is an official whose duties include upholding the interests of his country in the international arena (a good term, initially meaning the place of deadly fights of gladiators, as well as having some circus meaning).

Soviet diplomats

Talent and risk

The history of diplomacy is very long. Not all conflicts (both in antiquity and now) ended in wars - sometimes words are enough. Another question is whether everyone can pick them up correctly and build them into such a logical chain so that they can replace the armies with themselves. Only a well-trained, talented and wise diplomat will do it, and even then not always. The task is complicated by the fact that in addition to various advantages such as intelligence, high intelligence, deep knowledge and sense of atmosphere, he also needs two essential qualities - courage and etiquette possession. For example, the poet, composer and plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Empire in Persia, A. S.Griboedov fulfilled his duty at the cost of his own life, consciously risking it in the interests of his country. Soviet diplomats also carried dangerous service, especially in the first decades after the creation of the USSR. The more firmly and consistently the national interests of a country's representative abroad are upheld, the oftener he is at greater risk.

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The professional activity of a diplomat is related to the functional responsibilities of the following areas:

-Communicative. Without communication with the authorities of the country (oral or written) in which the consulate or representative office is located, everything else is impossible.

-Negotiation. All disputes between states should be resolved peacefully, and this cannot be achieved without words.

-Informational. Any diplomat is, in a certain sense, a scout (if our) or a spy (if a stranger), using all the possibilities to extract information useful to his country.

-Recommended. Having learned the information, it should be processed and provide options for a possible reaction to the leadership of the state.

-Personal. A diplomat is obliged to be a pleasant person to communicate with, who has a companion to himself.Otherwise, success is not achieved.

diplomat is

All diplomatic functions are interconnected, it is impossible to separate them.

Character traits

The profession leaves its mark on the character. A person who is used to weighing every spoken word, and in everyday life, as a rule, behaves the same way. There are many sayings, aphorisms, and catch phrases on the morals of ambassadors and attache. According to Winston Churchill, a diplomat is a person who ponders a long answer before keeping silent. JF Kennedy likened the representatives of the diplomatic corps to pocket thieves, meaning, obviously, their composure and the corresponding level of conscientiousness. They remember perfectly the day and month of birth of a woman, but they completely forget his year, respond in such a way that no one remembers the meaning of the question, and they know how to hide more than they know themselves. Diplomats always remember what they should forget in the interests of the country. If the word “yes” sounds from their lips, it means the possibility of agreement, if they say “maybe”, then they have a refusal to go, and they can never say “no”.

diplomat is

The main issue of diplomacy

No matter how high the art of diplomats is, if it does not rely on real strength - both economic and military - of the country they represent, their argument will turn out to be weak.Certain success, of course, can be achieved by personal charm, intrigues or less respectable means such as blackmail, but in strategic areas a poor and defenseless country will always be the loser. No one will reckon with the opinion of such a state, and the case may even reach a direct and offensive violation of international etiquette. In a sense, the entire economic activity of the country, the strengthening of its economy and the development of its industrial potential is the main issue of the state’s foreign policy weight.

Modern Russian diplomats do not deploy their planes over the ocean. There is no need for this - behind them is power.

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