7 ways to tie a bandana

Most often, this accessory is associated with hip-hop culture, which is not entirely correct. The first bandanas appeared among the inhabitants of Spain, who covered her face with it in order to protect it from dust during the cattle driving. The word banda itself means “to tie”. Today, such a handkerchief has become a stylish decoration. It is used by men and women of different ages and nationalities. New options for tying bandanas appear almost every day. Let's look at the main ones.


The most common way to tie a bandana is the following: fold it diagonally to form a triangle. Then attach it to the head: the wide part should cover the forehead, and the ends should be on the back of the head. Make ahow to tie a bandanastrong knot. The upper corner can be left free or tucked under the tied ends.


This way to tie a bandana is suitable for those who want to remove hair from their faces. Fold the handkerchief so that you get a strip.Place the widest part in the neck and tie the ends up at the top. Thus you can raise the bangs or hide it altogether.


Fold the scarf in a long strip and attach the wide part to the forehead, and fasten the ends to the back of the head. Such a simple and easy advice on how to tie a bandana, suitable for athletes and people leading an active lifestyle. Although others may well use it.


From the first way of tying a bandana, this one differs by the reverse arrangement of the triangle on the head. The wide part is placed on the back of the head, and the ends are tied on the forehead, grabbing the upper corner.

a way to tie a bandanaCowboy

Fold the square diagonally, and then tuck the wide edge. Now tie the resulting design around your neck so that the long edge is on the chest and the ends are back. Wear it instead of a scarf in the cold season or as a standalone accessory.


Consider the option of how to tie a bandana on your arm, neck or leg. First, make a triangle out of a square, and then fold it in such a way so as to form a wide strip that is easy to tie at any place you need.Alternatively, roll a “sausage” out of the shawl and wrap it around the wrist or ankle several times. And you got a plain bracelet.


A bandana can act as a belt or skirt, if you tie it, for example, on top of jeans. Decorate the handle of your bag with a handkerchief, tied a bow or a regular knot. Show imagination, and, probably, you will find for bandanas about ten more different applications.

options for tying bandanasNuance number 1

Beautiful wearing bandanas is a whole art that requires consideration of many details. So, it is incredibly important to choose the right place for the site location. If he will be on a moving part of the body, then, most likely, he will not last long.

Nuance number 2

Consider what material your shawl is made of. Make sure to tuck a thin fabric before tying. In addition, the accessory can be sewn in two parts or decorated with appliqués, beads or sequins. This decor will give your look a special highlight. Be beautiful!

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