21 ways to wash tape from various surfaces

Scotch is a universal remedy in the household. It is used almost everywhere: when repairing, moving, when packing boxes, mending items, and so on. In everyday life, perhaps, it is better not to find fixtures with scotch tape.

All its advantages are obvious, but one of the main disadvantages of this device is the sticky layer, which can remain on the surfaces of objects. This can spoil the appearance of furniture, windows, various surfaces and create certain inconveniences. So, how to clean the traces of scotch and how to do it without much effort?

Popular ways to clean various items of scotch

To date, the tape can be made of different materials, but the glue for almost all types of tapes used on the basis of acrylic.

Popular ways to clean various items of scotchTherefore, to effectively get rid of its remnants and not to spoil the surface, it is necessary to select the appropriate tool.The simplest, yet effective meansThe following options are available.

  1. Scotch.Before you look for any other tools and clean the surface, try this method. Take a small piece of scotch and stick to a sticky layer, then sharply tear it off. Can be repeated several times.
  2. Vegetable oil.In order to clean the surface, it is necessary to apply oil to the contaminated area with a sponge and leave for a few minutes. After that, wash everything with water and detergent. You can use both vegetable oil and various essential oils. In addition to a good cleaning effect, the house will be filled with freshness and pleasant aromas. This method can be used to clean any surfaces except wood and veneer.
  3. Eraser.Stains from adhesive tape from various surfaces can be removed with a regular eraser. Then wipe with a damp cloth.
  4. Alcohol or vodka.Traces of scotch can be washed with 90-95% medical alcohol. This is a good way for plastic windows, in addition to removing the sticky layer, you can perfectly clean the yellowed plastic. To do this, pour alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe the contaminated surface. Glass surfaces can effectively be washed off with liquid ammonia.It should be remembered that painted surfaces with acetone and alcohol should not be handled, as the paint may crack.
  5. Spray can.Convenient and modern tool. Scotch residues are easily washed off by applying a cleaner to the surface. Before use, be sure to read the instructions.
  6. Petrol.Perfectly to remove scotch from the car body, from parts, to remove sticky layers on the glass. The surfaces of the gasoline is not harmful and evaporates quickly. Better to use refined gasoline.
  7. Soap solution.Good for removing fresh stains. To do this, you can wash things with hot soapy water or wet the surface with them (if it does not harm her).
  8. Dry cleaner.Perfectly remove traces of scotch from the refrigerator or stove. Pour the cleaner on a damp cloth or sponge and apply it to the contaminated area, wait a while and wash it off.

Removing adhesive tape on furniture

Scotch tape is a convenient fastener and can save furniture parts when moving. It may also be necessary if there are small children in the house for fixing doors, etc. Therefore, pollution cannot be avoided.To remove traces of adhesive tape on furniture, you can use the above methods, but withspecial care not to spoil the surface.

  • Buttercan only be used for lacquered furniture, since a normal wooden surface will not be washed, only grease stains remain on it, which are much more difficult to clean.
  • Erasercan be used for any equipment, whether wooden, painted or varnished.
  • Solvents of various kindscan also be used for all surfaces, but you should not forget that prolonged contact with the product can damage paintwork or varnish.
  • Hairdryer is not recommended to be used to remove adhesive tape from furniture.because there is a risk to spoil it. In principle, it can be used as a preparatory stage before processing with a solvent or oil. But this should be done very carefully.
If you do not want to constantly face the problem of cleaning the furniture and wondering how to clean the adhesive tape, you can use other fixing materials. One of these is the masking tape.

It is no less versatile and has the same characteristics and properties.only the glue contains other components that leave no marks on wooden and varnished surfaces and are suitable for painting and other works.

What can wash the tape from plastic?

If you have tried many tools and still do not know how to clean the tape from the plastic window, you can remove itin several ways.

  • What can wash the tape from plasticIf the stains are fresh, you can useone more tape. Reapply it on the contaminated area, make sure that it is well glued, and sharply tear off. This method does not damage the surface and does not deform it.
  • Also remove the remnants of adhesive tape with plastic will helpsoda and water solution. To do this, mix the ingredients to obtain a creamy mixture and apply on the frame. Wait a few minutes and rinse with water.
  • If you need to clean plastic windows from scotch tape that has eaten and dried, you can usevodka, alcohol solution or lotion.To do this, soak the sponge with the chosen agent and wipe the areas, after which the cleaned surface can be washed with water.
  • If no tool helps, there are still traces on the plastic, then you can usetoothpaste. To do this, apply a small layer of funds, wait a few minutes and rinse with water.
Do not use solid powdered products and chemicals that contain acid, since you can say goodbye to your plastic products. These substances corrode the surface and may damage objects.

How to wash the tape from the car and glass?

Adhesive tape is widely used and motorists, but the problem of removal of residues remains relevant. there isseveral methods by which you can get rid of traces from the machine.

  • Dishwashing liquid- use is easy and simple. You can wipe any surface, ranging from metal to glass.
  • Butter- this tool does not damage the surface and paint. It should make a compress (oil is preferably heated). After some time, simply wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Hair dryer- if you warm up the stain, you can quickly remove it.
  • Petrol- The method is good and simple, as gasoline is in the arsenal of each driver. The stain should simply be wiped off and easily removed.
  • Kerosene- it will not only get rid of traces, but also make the surface shine.
Pro glass should also not be forgotten, since this pollution not only impedes driving, but also attracts additional dust and dirt. What is the wash tape from the glass machine?

You can use alcohol or acetone, glass cleaner (it is easy to find them in any store), gasoline, etc. In principle, all means for removing adhesive tape from glass remain unchanged, you can use almost all the same methods as for the machine itself. .

How to remove double-sided tape?

The composition of double-sided tape is very different from the usual, it is harder to soften and remove from surfaces.

How to remove double-sided tapeThe tape itself should be removed gradually, heating the surface to leave as few traces as possible.

If the glue is still fresh, you can use ordinary detergents. This is effective for removing adhesive tape from linoleum, home appliances, window frames or plastic. If the stain is already withered, then solvents, acetone, alcohol or vodka will do. The main thing - to choose the right tool, so as not to damage the surface itself.

If there are many traces of glue on the objects, you can make compresses from the same alcohol, gasoline or acetone.It should be remembered that on plastic surfaces these solutions can not be held for a long time in order to avoid fading and deformation.

Do not use hard sponges or scrapers, this can also affect the integrity of the surface. It is better to try several methods in case of poor cleaning. Also check the reaction of the material to the solution. To do this, before starting work on a small area apply the tool. If there is no negative impact, then it can be used without fear.

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