18 tips for washing soft toys in the car and by hand

If you have a small child in your family, in any case there are soft toys in the house. Surely the pussy fumbles with them daily. And also loves to sleep with fluffies, having buried his nose in a pile. However, after such tuskies, the appearance of shaggy and not very “friends” over time leaves much to be desired. Then the question arises, how correctly and with the help of what means to wash soft toys.

To erase: can or not?

Any toys, especially soft ones, are prone to dust accumulation in large quantities. Therefore, they are an excellent breeding ground for dust mites, germs and bacteria. Therefore, the washing and cleaning of such products should be regular and mandatory.

But the answer to the question whether it is possible to wash soft toys should be marked on the labels to them. It also indicates the temperature at which the products can be washed. If they are absent, then inspect the object, then it will become clear to you: whether it is possible to wash the toy and how.

There are products thatWashing categorically contraindicated.

  • Those that have glued parts (eyes and nose, buttons or bead jewelery, etc.).
  • Too large copies. They just won’t fit in an automatic machine.
  • Musical toys, because their inside contains chips and batteries, which can deteriorate when in contact with water.
  • Products whose surface is decorated with natural fabrics.
  • Toys that have natural organic fillers: sawdust, feathers or buckwheat husks.
If you come to the conclusion that you can wash a toy, then choose the way you will do it: with your hands or in a typewriter.

How to manually wash soft toys?

Many toys are forbidden to be washed in a washing machine. But do not be upset about this. Hand wash is sometimes better and more careful than automatic.

How to manually wash soft toysWhen the toy is small and easy to squeeze out, then it should be washedin a certain sequence.

  • Fill the basin with warm water (temperature about 30 degrees). It needs so much that the toy is completely covered with liquid.
  • Soak the toy in water, before soaping it with soap or detergent. Leave on for 20-30 minutes.
  • Scrub the product with a brush if the material features allow for such procedures.
  • Remember the toy in your hands to wipe away all contamination. Squeeze.
  • Rinse it, changing the water several times. Squeeze.
  • Put it on the battery or on the street under the sun for drying.

Hand washing soft products requires compliancesome recommendations.

  • If the toy is intended for the development of fine motor crumbs, then the filler in it will consist of many small balls. Machine wash such heroes is prohibited. It threatens not only damage to the product, but also damage to the washing unit, as the balls can jump out because of the seams that have spilled from the washing.
  • Toys with music require a special approach. They only need to be cleaned by hand or gently washed by hand, after removing the musical parts. We'll have to unzip the product, pull out the batteries and chips, wash, and then put everything in and sew it up again.
  • Grease stains are removed with ethyl alcohol. It is applied to the pile with a cotton pad before the start of the main wash.
  • Only natural baby powders can be used as laundry detergents.Do not forget that the health of your son or daughter depends on it.
  • Rinsing is an integral part of washing. It must be of high quality. Remains of detergent or soda can cause allergic reactions.
  • If the toy with music is equipped with electronics from head to toe, then pull the wires and batteries will not work. This product will have to be dry or slightly wet cleaned without water.
Washing with a wash, and a quartz lamp in every home does not hurt. Processing her toys will protect the product from reproduction in the soft wool of bacteria and microorganisms.

How to wash soft toys in the washing machine?

If the tag allows automatic washing with the toy, your task of caring for the product will become much easier.The sequence of actions will be as follows.

  • If the toys are small or with a long nap, then you need to wash them in a special bag. Although automatic washing is not shown for products with plastic parts, you can take a chance and wash such toys. But before they have to remove all the small elements.
  • Choose a mode for delicate fabrics. You can also install a program for hand washing or careful care.
  • Water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Otherwise, poor-quality fabric will shed.
  • Water may be at a higher temperature if the manufacturer permits.
  • Install an extra rinse cycle to rinse off any washing powder residues.
  • Do not be superfluous laundry rinse. He will keep fluffy pile, smooth it.
  • Spin select no more than 600 revolutions. Otherwise, as the wash cycle will end, you will get the completely deformed and wrinkled product out of the drum.
  • After washing the toys, place them on a horizontal surface to allow the remaining water to drain. Then send for final drying on the battery or under the sun's rays.

How to clean large soft toys that can not be washed?

In addition to babies, among soft toys there are real giants who, not only do not fit into a washing machine or basin, they also hardly fit in their hands. In addition, not all fillers can be wetted with water.

How to clean large soft toys that can not be washedFor example, such procedures are contraindicated for organic viscera - sawdust, which after wetting will immediately become useless. But they need to be cleaned as regularly as other plush products. What to do in this case?

If the toy is small, then you need to actin the following way.

  • Take a plastic bag that exceeds the size of the toy that you are going to clean. Place the product in the bag in such a way that a little free space is left.
  • When cleaning one toy, add one glass of potato starch to the bag. If you put several products in a bag, then pour the starch in proportions: for one toy one glass of powder.
  • Tie the package with a string or elastic and begin shaking it vigorously. Sweat have at least 30 minutes.
  • Then go over the entire surface of the product with a brush for clothes. It will remove starch residues and smooth out the villi.
If the toy is too shaggy, the rest of the cleaning powder will remove a regular vacuum cleaner.

In a situation when you need to wash a friend of a larger child, the number of methods is very limited, since it will not be possible to stuff the product either into a bag or into a washing machine. But even these toys should be cleaned regularly. How to wash large soft toys in this case?

The surest decision - going to the dry cleaning. But this option is not always convenient for temporary and financial reasons.Then baking soda will help out, which is applied to the pile, and then gently rubbed and combed with a brush with hard fibers.

Also a possible alternative is a furniture cleaner. For example, foam (“Vanish”), which removes visible dirt well.

Such toys can risk to be washed by hand, but the issue of spin can hardly be solved. When wet hairy beast will be very heavy and unscrew it just will not work.

If yellow stains appeared on the toy, a solution of fresh lemon juice and warm water will cope with them.

What should be washing during quarantine?

During the period of exacerbation of various diseases transmitted by airborne droplets, and other infections and viruses, the care of soft toys should be especially careful, since they are carriers of bacteria in the literal sense.

If the washing product is contraindicated, the child will have to give up playing with it for a while. Other toys need to be cleaned and cleaned after at least a day or two.

It is not recommended to disinfect with chlorine or agents in which it is present. This is dangerous for the health of the baby.

Wash products at the maximum temperature allowed by the manufacturer. After washing, pour in boiling water. Dry the toys only in the apartment, as it is possible to bring a virus from the street. The surface on which you put dry plush friend, do not forget to treat the drug with antimicrobial and disinfecting effects.

The best disinfectants are very low or high temperatures and hot steam. The best solution is to treat the toy with steam from the iron.

A soft toy for a child often becomes a faithful and best friend, so care for them must be of high quality. Otherwise they will become a danger to the health of the baby. Do not be lazy to carry out frequent cleaning and washing products, then they will retain their appearance and will long delight the child.

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18 tips for washing soft toys in the car and by hand 65

18 tips for washing soft toys in the car and by hand 29

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