12 most interesting museums in Moscow: the best places of the capital for children and adults

The historical center of Moscow invariably attracts tourists from different parts of the world. It is impossible to remain indifferent to the two-story mansions, located on both sides of the narrow streets leading to the heart of the city - the Kremlin. Interesting museums of Moscow are scattered throughout the city, however, it is customary to begin the inspection from Red Square.

Moscow is a city of museums

Before the revolution, the Russian capital was called the city of a thousand churches, but now it is considered to be the city of museums. Perhaps in no capital there are no such treasures of painting and architecture, as in Moscow.

In recent years, the royal palaces and estates of noble noble families were restored and restored. Tsaritsyno, Arkhangelsk, Golitsyno, Sheremetyev Palace amaze with luxurious interiors and well-kept parks.

In the city you can visit the memorial apartments of famous writers, artists and musicians.

Ancient churches offer believers to touch the miraculous icons and make a treasured desire near the shrines.

The most interesting museums of the capital

Many museums with masterpieces of world importance are located near the Kremlin. Tourist buses ply in the center so that guests of the capital have time to inspect as many ancient monuments and modern memorials as possible. A description of the most important museums is given below.

Tretyakov Gallery

Interesting museums of the capital

One of the largest collections of paintings by Russian and foreign artists is in the house of the Tretyakovs merchants. A representative of the famous family, patron Pavel Tretyakov, began collecting it in the middle of the 19th century, ordering and buying paintings and icons by V. Vasnetsov, I. Repin, V. Surikov, A. Rublev.

The list of famous names is very long, and each canvas wants to stand for a long time and look at artfully laid out strokes.

The collection does not fit in the same building, although additions were attached to it even before the revolution. Branches of the Tretyakov Gallery are also located on Krymsky Val and in several houses in Lavrushinsky Lane. Several times a year in the building on Krymsky Val, the expositions of paintings by painters brought to Moscow from other museums change.


Museums of the capital

The Kremlin Museum provides an opportunity to see not only the outfits of the Russian autocrats exhibited in it, decorations and weapons, but also to see the Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell standing near the entrance. The collection of works of art of the Armory Chamber includes curiosities collected under the Russian tsars and queens: trophies of the Battle of Poltava, jewelry, dresses of Catherine the Great and several well-preserved carriages.

Inside the chamber are not only excursions, but also chamber concerts of the winners of music competitions. Before the performance there is a visit to the exhibition halls.

Diamond fund

Where to go in Moscow?

This Kremlin museum presents a rich collection of Russian and European jewelers, large diamonds and other gems. The vault was created by order of Peter I to protect the treasury’s treasures. Throughout the Romanov dynasty, the coronation regalia and valuable jewelery were locked in a chest with three locks. The keys to him were three proxies who could open it only when they gathered together.

From Petersburg to Moscow, the collection was transported during the Civil War, in 1922.Initially, it was placed in the Armory, and then moved to a separate building on the territory of the Kremlin.

Paleontological Museum

The museum building is a real fortress with window-battlements and a courtyard. At the beginning it is interesting to just go inside and examine it. However, having seen the exhibits, there will be no time to be distracted by the beautiful architecture of the museum. Fossil birds and animals, stones with imprints of prehistoric plants are placed in huge halls and storerooms.

The collection of unique artifacts began in the St. Petersburg Kunstkamera, created by Peter I. For centuries, exhibits were brought there from excavations until the building became too small. In 1972, in Moscow, in the Teply Stan district, the construction of a modern museum started, which they wanted to make unusual and attractive to visitors. The goal was achieved, and now a huge collection of antiquities is available for inspection.

Museum-panorama "Battle of Borodino"

The glorious victory of Russian troops over Napoleon is immortalized in the Triumphal Arch on Kutuzov Avenue and the Museum-Panorama located nearby. A huge canvas depicting the Battle of Borodino was written by the artist Franz Rubo in 1912 for the 100th anniversary. He received an order for the battle picture from Emperor Nicholas II.

The unusual round structure, in which the museum has been located since 1962, allows one to step as if inside a battle. In addition to the famous painting, it exhibits ammunition of soldiers of that time, weapons, a collection of sculptures and graphics.

Museum of retro cars

Interesting museums

This is the place where adults can return to their childhood by visiting the hangars with old cars and buses. At the beginning of the twentieth century, each car was a work of art, starting from the body and ending with the details of the trim.

Someone will be interested to look at the cars of the 60s and 70s, children love to sit behind the wheel of tiny "Zaporozhtsev" and classic "Victories". For the memorable dates in the museum are exhibitions of vehicles relevant to the event.

Darwin Museum

The basis of the collection was the exhibits of the legendary zoologist and the first director of the museum, Alexander Kots. From the age of three, the future scientist collected everything related to the fauna, and at nineteen went on an expedition to Siberia, from where he brought artfully made stuffed birds.

Alexander Fedorovich spent the money earned on the purchase of new exhibits.He continued to replenish the collection during the revolution and the Civil War.

The new building of the Darwin Museum is located near the metro University. It hosts exhibitions and presentations, as well as birthdays of children.

Stalin's Bunker

Bunker-42 in the Taganka area is surprising in its scale. Dug at a depth of 65 meters in the 50s of the twentieth century, it has an area of ​​more than 7,000 square meters. m. Now on the 18th floor, tourists can go down the elevator and inspect the office, dining room and other rooms that were meant for the commander-in-chief.

After World War II, the confrontation of the USSR with the Western powers began. The bunker for Stalin was built out of fears of use by rival countries of nuclear weapons.

Nowadays, in addition to excursions, an unusual museum in Moscow organizes banquets and business meetings.

Mosfilm Museum

Places in Moscow

Both adults and children dream of visiting a film set. One of the most exciting excursions begins near the sculpture of Yevgeny Leonov, depicted in the image of his character from "Gentlemen of Fortune."

Next, the group is carried out on the territory of the studio, which occupies a huge space near the Sparrow Hills.Among the multitude of film studios, two are dedicated to the Mosfilm Museum.

The first one contains cars of different eras that participated in the filming of “Three plus two”, “The meeting place cannot be changed”, “Green carriage”, etc. You can take pictures next to them and present yourself as a hero of classic films.

In another room, costumes and props from the most sensational Russian films are exhibited: “War and Peace”, “Ivan Vasilyevich Changing Profession”, etc. The rooms go one after another and provide an opportunity to examine dolls from popular cartoons, crowns and royal caftans.

Guides tell interesting facts about filmmaking and funny stories from filming. One and a half hours fly by like a flash. Leaving the “Mosfilm” with a lot of impressions and memorable pictures, the guests of the studio promise to return without fail, they had such a good time.

Modern Art Museum

One of the most interesting museums in Moscow is the Museum of Modern Art with an extensive collection of avant-garde painting and sculpture. Its opening took place just before the Millennium. Exhibits that made up the core of the museum, provided Zurab Tsereteli.

The main building is located on Petrovka Street, in the former mansion of the merchant Gubin, and the branches are located in three more buildings. Visitors can see paintings by V. Kandinsky, M. Chagall, P. Picasso, K. Malevich and other masters of the XX and XXI centuries.

Museum of pastry and gingerbread

This museum of Moscow is intended primarily for children. Young guests are not only treated to their favorite sweets, but also taught to cook marmalade and paint gingerbread. Adults can also take part in a curious action and listen to a fascinating excursion about the history of the creation of confectionery in Russia.

Many posters and paintings hung on the walls, antique scales and elegant packaging will complement the story of the guide.

Vodka History Museum

Moscow museums

Various exhibits related to the national Russian drink are presented in a museum located in the territory of the Izmailovo Kremlin. Labels, bottles, photos devote visitors to the process of creating the most popular alcohol in Russia.

Try its varieties offered in the Tavern, stylized drinking establishment of the XIX century. Not a bad weekend activity for lovers of strong drinks.

Other museums

It is impossible to answer the question straight away which museums in Moscow are the most interesting, since their choice is colossal. Among the places that attract tourists, it should be noted:

  • Museum of the Peoples of the East;
  • Museum of Applied Arts;
  • Memorial apartment of A.S. Pushkin;
  • Historical Museum.

On the site of city tour organizations, everyone will be able to find the most fascinating place for leisure activities. Almost all museums have their own Internet sites that have reviews from visitors.

What else you need to visit in Moscow?

Walking through the center of the capital, you should go to the GUM and TSUM department stores located near the Red Square. In GUM, ice cream is sold in a waffle cup, known since the time of its discovery, several decades before the revolution.

No less attractive in recent years has become the area near the metro Novokuznetsk. Pedestrian street, bars with live music and small souvenir shops are worth seeing and visiting. Especially since the Tretyakov Gallery is located next door.

Old Arbat, the street of merchants, writers and poets of the past, will amaze the imagination with an abundance of antique salons and original cafes.Old mansions beautifully restored. It is impossible to believe that most of them are over 150 years old.


Moscow is a city that does not favor boredom and despondency. It is full of life around the clock. Walk in the evening along the embankment of the Moscow River, to see the illumination of houses on the main streets is necessary even after a day filled with excursions. At every step there are all the new monuments of architecture, and the panorama of the capital is unforgettable.

Moscow welcomes tourists. Agencies have developed special programs designed for the number of days of stay. If the trip is planned on your own, you can sign up for an excursion in advance or check on the museum's website with its schedule. The capital is always waiting for guests and is ready to offer them the best collections and entertainment.

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