25.09.2018 b-picture How American schoolchildren dressed in the era of rock and roll To bookmarks American photographer Arthur Schatz in 1969 made for a magazineLIFEphoto series about the youth fashion of those years. To do this, he went to California, where he visited several..

24 Warez Ru Information to the news Views: 487 Author: Date: April 16, 2017 Interesting facts about resort Sochi Category: Home / Articles I wonder if the summer residence of the Russian president was, for example, in Nizhny Novgorod, would the city of Sochi..

20 interesting ways to beautifully tie a scarf around his neck A scarf is an essential attribute in the wardrobe of any woman. Its value lies in the fact that it easily changes the image, transforms dull gray days and brings vivid emotions into..

Georgia received the French anti-aircraft missile systems Mistral ATLAS On October 1, 2108, events were held in honor of the Military Aviation Day of Georgia at the Georgian Aleksevka airbase near Tbilisi, which were attended by Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze, Georgian Defense Minister..

Givi and Motorola "led" "Immortal regiment" The participants of the мер Immortal Regiment ’rally in the Donbass brought portraits of the dead field commanders of the DPR, Motorola and Givi, in the city. In total, over 30 thousand people took part in the march..

Mayors entrust state secret? The FSB offered to give heads of municipalities access to state secrets, and the governors were allowed to dismiss those mayors who violate it. The bill is posted on the official portal of legal information. According to Kommersant, the draft..

Sexual freedom and equality in the Russian way Faced with the fact that many of my readers wrongly understand the sexual freedom of women. And equality, what can we say? Now I will illustrate how they see freedom. Suppose you invited a freshman to..

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